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Quarterly Briefing on

"Gender Diversity on Boards"

Chief Contributors: N Balasubramanian and Nirmal Mohanty

July 2015

Archives of Quarterly Briefings

S.No. Quarterly Briefing on Chief Contributor Month & Year
1 "Corporate Governance in State-Owned Enterprises" Umakanth Varottil April 2015
2 Related Party Transactions Vikramaditya Khanna January 2015
3 Board Evaluations N Balasubramanian October 2014
4 Corporate Social Responsibility Under Companies Act, 2013 Subrata Sarkar July 2014
5 Directors' Duties and Liabilities in the New Era Umakanth Varottil April 2014
6 Comply or Explain: An Alternate Approach to Corporate Governance Nawshir Mirza and Nirmal Mohanty January 2014
7 Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Governance Vikramaditya Khanna October 2013
8 Audit Committee Regulations and Market Response Subrata Sarkar July 2013
9 Emergence of Shareholder Activism in India Umakanth Varottil April 2013

Report on

"State of Auditor and Audit Committee Functioning in India"

Authors: Prof. Jayati Sarkar and Prof. Subrata Sarkar

June 2013

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