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Quarterly Briefing on

“Independent Directors under the new dispensation”

Chief Contributor: Jamil Khatri

January 2016

Archives of Quarterly Briefings

S.No. Quarterly Briefing on Chief Contributor Month & Year
1 Indian Corporate Board Structure: Moving Towards Best Practices? Subrata Sarkar October 2015
2 "Gender Diversity on Boards" N Balasubramanian and Nirmal Mohanty July 2015
3 "Corporate Governance in State-Owned Enterprises" Umakanth Varottil April 2015
4 Related Party Transactions Vikramaditya Khanna January 2015
5 Board Evaluations N Balasubramanian October 2014
6 Corporate Social Responsibility Under Companies Act, 2013 Subrata Sarkar July 2014
7 Directors' Duties and Liabilities in the New Era Umakanth Varottil April 2014
8 Comply or Explain: An Alternate Approach to Corporate Governance Nawshir Mirza and Nirmal Mohanty January 2014
9 Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Governance Vikramaditya Khanna October 2013
10 Audit Committee Regulations and Market Response Subrata Sarkar July 2013
11 Emergence of Shareholder Activism in India Umakanth Varottil April 2013

Report on

"State of Auditor and Audit Committee Functioning in India"

Authors: Prof. Jayati Sarkar and Prof. Subrata Sarkar

June 2013

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