Latest Corporate Announcements

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Company Description Date
MITCON Press Release (06-AUG-2014, 11:56)
THEJO Date of payment of dividend (30-JUL-2014, 15:56)
THEJO Annual General Meeting Updates (30-JUL-2014, 08:16)
SANCO Outcome of Board Meeting (24-JUL-2014, 13:28)
MITCON Annual General Meeting Updates (17-JUL-2014, 13:12)
MITCON AGM/Book Closure (16-JUL-2014, 14:00)
THEJO AGM/Book Closure (03-JUL-2014, 09:04)
SANCO Book Closure (23-JUN-2014, 14:36)
SANCO Outcome of Board Meeting (19-JUN-2014, 18:48)
MITCON Disclosure under Insider Trading Regulation (03-JUN-2014, 15:24)
MITCON Outcome of Board Meeting (02-JUN-2014, 12:48)
MITCON Dividend (31-MAY-2014, 16:00)
MITCON Financial Result Updates (31-MAY-2014, 10:57)
VETO AGM/Book Closure (30-MAY-2014, 18:44)
VETO Financial Result Updates (30-MAY-2014, 18:00)
VETO Outcome of Board Meeting (30-MAY-2014, 18:00)
OPAL Financial Result Updates (27-MAY-2014, 09:12)
OPAL Outcome of Board Meeting (27-MAY-2014, 08:12)
THEJO Financial Result Updates (20-MAY-2014, 18:46)