Investor Grievance Cell

We, at the National Stock Exchange strive to continuously upgrade our service levels and make the system more investor-friendly. Hence, to redress investor complaints, we have formed the Investor Grievance Cell (IGC).

The Investor Grievances Cell is manned by a team of professionals who possess relevant experience in the areas of capital markets, company and legal affairs; specially trained to identify the problem faced by the investor, and to find and execute a solution at the earliest. The IGC attends to various problems faced by investors in dealing with the two integral parts of the Capital Markets, Trading Members and Companies whose securities are traded on the Exchange.

The investors can report their complaints/ grievances to the IGC through e-mails or Complaint forms. All valid complaints are assigned a unique complaint no. and are entered into a database for easy follow up and necessary action. Most complaints are resolved within a period of 45 days. On exhausting all means, if the matter remains unresolved, it is referred to Arbitration.

Contact Details of IGC