Circular No.: NSE/CMO/002/2008

Download No. NSE/CMTR/10047

Date:  January 09, 2008


Dear Members,


Sub: Mock trading on Saturday, January 12, 2008 in Capital Market segment

New NEAT Plus Version 3.1.4


The Exchange will be conducting a mock trading session in the Capital Market Segment on Saturday, January 12, 2008 for testing system performance and the New NEATPLUS Version 3.1.4.


Upon successful mock trading, NEATPlus Version 3.1.4 will be implemented in live environment with effect from Monday, January 14, 2008.


Members are advised to pick up NEATPlusTWSSetup.exe from the NSE EXTRANET (directory: /COMMON/NTNEAT) after 16:00 hrs on Thursday, January 10, 2008. Members accessing the EXTRANET through internet ( will be able to pick up the software on January 10, 2008 from 16:00 hrs onwards.


Members are requested to refer the following annexures:

Annexure – 1: The schedule for Mock Trading Session.

Annexure – 2: Installation procedure for NEATPlus (Version 3.1.4)

Annexure – 3: Additional features introduced in NEATPlus


Upon successful mock trading, members are cautioned to note that, without installation of version 3.1.4 of NEATPlus, they will not be able to trade through NEATPlus software on Monday, January 14, 2008.


Please note that there is no version change for NEAT in Capital Market segment.


Members are advised to also refer to the website of NSE at for any information which may be updated by the Exchange on the mock session.


Members are advised to participate actively in the mock trading session and are required to re-login into live environment during the timings mentioned in Annexure – 1 to check the connectivity and also to avoid login problems on Monday, January 14, 2008. Members using CTCL facility are also advised to actively participate in the mock trading session using CTCL software.


Interactive reports from the trader workstation (TWS) for trades done on Friday, January 11, 2008 will be available only till 23:00 hrs on Friday, January 11, 2008. Members are advised to take the download of reports within the prescribed time.


Members are requested to install the new version only after close of market hours on Friday, January 11, 2008 after taking the online backup, interactive reports and upon completion of all end of day activities. Members should also note that login through the new version will not be available before Saturday, January 12, 2008.


All Trades resulting from the mock trading session shall not attract any obligation in terms of funds and / or securities payin and payout. Members are also requested not to transfer any data files for this mock trading session.


For any clarifications, members are advised to contact the following officials:

Mr. Sunil Gawde/ Mr. Khushal Shah/ Mr. Mohammed Hasnain Khatri/ Mr. Amit Kursija at 26598153 / 26598156 / 26598157.



For and on behalf of

National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.



Suprabhat Lala

Asst. Vice President


Annexure 1


Schedule for the Mock Trading session:


Market Timings:


Date                                                                                   : Saturday, January 12, 2008


Download fresh ‘contract.gz’ from NSE Extranet

(/common/ntneat)                                                                      : 09:00 hrs to 10:30 hrs

Mock Normal / RDM /Limited Physical Market Open              : 11:00 hours

Mock Normal / RDM /Limited Physical Market close   : 12:15 hours

Mock Normal / RDM /Limited Physical Market Pre-open         : 12:25 hours

Mock Normal / RDM /Limited Physical Market Open  : 12:30 hours

Mock Normal / RDM /Limited Physical Market close   : 14:00 hours

Closing Session start                                                    : 14:10 hours

Closing Session end                                                     : 14:15 hours



Re-login Timings:


Date                                                                             : Saturday, January 12, 2008

Between                                                                       : 16:30 hrs to 17:00 hrs




Annexure 2


Installation procedure for NEATPlus (Version 3.1.4)


Procedure for installing new version 3.1.4:


A.    Rename the existing NEATPlusTWSSetup.Exe as NEATPlusTWSSetup3.1.3.Exe


B.    Download the set up file (NEATPlusTWSSetup.exe) from EXTRANET server. This file will be available for members of CM Segment in the folder /common/ntneat. Files need to be downloaded in the root directory (i.e. C:\ or D:\ or E:\).


C.   Installation Procedure:

  1. Go to the drive where NEATPlusTWSSetup.exe is copied.
  2. Double click on the NEATPlusTWSSetup.exe.
  3. The files will be extracted with the window pop up ‘NEATPlus TWS Installer extracting files’ window. It will be followed by ‘NEATPlus Installer’ pop up window. Installation drive (where application will be installed) will be ‘C:’ by default. However, the user can change the default installation drive to any other local drives (e.g. D:). Click on ‘Install’ button on this pop up window and follow the installation instructions. Message of successful installation will be displayed once the complete application is installed.


  1. On successful installation:
    1. Two directories NEATPlusData-TWS and NEATPlusDB-TWS will be created in the installation drive.
    2. NEATPlus TWS shortcut icon will be created on the desktop
    3. NEATPlus TWS entry will be available in the ‘Programs’ sub-menu of the ‘Start’ menu.
  2. The user can run the NEATPlus TWS application by double clicking on the:
    1. NEATPlus TWS shortcut icon created on the desktop.
    2. NEATPlus TWS entry in the ‘Programs’ sub-menu of the ‘Start’ menu.
    3. NEATPLUS.exe located in the NeatPlusDB-TWS directory in the installation drive. 


Instructions after installing new version 3.1.4:


Update your local database using the following files from the NSE EXTRANET (/faoftp/faocommon):

·         Security.gz

·         Participant.gz

·         Contract.gz

·         fo_participant.gz

· (from /faoftp/Faocommon/NEATPLUS):


Note: It is mandatory to upload the new Portf_files from extranet before login to 3.1.4. Members who are unable to access the Extranet can pick up the files using Internet. (ftp: //


Annexure 3


Following new features have been made available in NeatPlus version 3.1.4


1.  User Type on the Title Bar of Neat /NeatPlus application


Users will now be able to see their user type (i.e. Corp. Manager, Branch Manager / Delaer etc.) on the title bar of the application.



2.      Addition of PAN field in Client Master


Permanent Account No. (PAN) can now be added to the client details while adding a new client in the client master maintenance in a separate field.

·     User’s exported file will contain Account No. , Participant ID, Name and Client’s PAN also.

·     User will be allowed to modify PAN along with Participant ID and Name for Account numbers.

·     The details of PAN will be displayed in the Client Detail Screen.


3.      Query on Client Account number:


The users can now query on client account number without actually typing the same in the client account field. On pressing down arrow key, a list of all existing client codes will be displayed and users can select the particular client code. User can also give a certain prefix of the client account number of the client for whom the query is being done and press the down arrow key. Only those client details will be displayed in the client details screen for which the “Client Account Number” has that string as its prefix.


The facility will be applicable in following screens

  • Net Position.
  • Outstanding Order
  • Previous Trades
  • Activity Log
  • Offline Filter
  • Basket Trading
  • Index Trading
  • Online Backup


4.      Eicon Server name selection from Neatplus TWS:


Facility is provided to select different Eicon servers for individual market from NeatPlus TWS to avoid the dependency on the default gateway selection from eicon client. The user should be able to select any of the eicon servers configured in the eicon client.