(Last updated on 30 Nov, 2017)

Name of the stock DR. REDDY'S LABORATORIES
NSE stock code (symbol) DRREDDY
Year of Incorporation of the company* null
Date of Listing null
Issued & Paid-up Capital (no. of shares)  null
Shareholding Pattern
Impact cost for Jan 01, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017 : 0.00
Details of volatility of underlying security in last 6 months
Maximum volatility : 1.68
Minimum volatility : 0.97
Average volatility  : 1.31
Lot size for option contracts (no. of shares)
Daily volumes & details of open interest of contracts traded

Note :
* Data obtained from Capitaline
** Dividend to market value has been calculated as:
( Dividend value in Rs. / Close price on the ex date )*100
where Dividend value in Rs. = (Dividend / Face Value as on the ex date)* 100