Procedure and Conditions for Listing

  • All Listing are subject to compliance with Byelaws, Rules and other requirements framed by the Exchange from time to time in addition to the SEBI and other statutory requirements.
  • The Issuer of security proposed for listing has to forward an application in the format prescribed in Annexure I of this booklet.
  • Every issuer, depending on the category and type of security has to submit alongwith application, such supporting documents/information as specified in Annexure I of this booklet and as prescribed by the Exchange from time to time.
  • On getting an in-principle consent of the exchange the issuer has to enter into a listing agreement in the prescribed format under its common seal.
  • Upon listing, the Issuer has to comply with all requirements of law, any guidelines/directions of Central Government, other Statutory or local authority.
  • The Issuer shall also comply with the post listing compliance as laid out in the listing agreement and shall also comply with the rules, bye-laws, regulations and any other guidelines of the Exchange as amended from time to time.
  • Listing on Debt segment does not imply a listing on CM segment also or vice versa.
  • If the equity shares of an issuer are listed on other stock exchanges but not listed on Capital Market segment of the Exchange, though eligible, then the debt securities of the said issuer will not be permitted to be listed on the Debt segment.
  • The Exchange reserves the right to change any of the requirements indicated in this booklet / document without prior notice.

Download Checklist for Listing Application of Debt Private Placement

Download Checklist and Application form for Municipal Bonds

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