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There are 2 modules within IMS Proschool Module:

  • Financial Modeling Module

    The focus of Financial modeling job is to prepare Graduates, CA, MBA's to successfully get a job in either of the following roles:
    1. Equity Research Analyst
    2. Project Finance Report Preparation
    3. Credit Rating Analysis
    4. Financial Analyst
    5. Business Analyst
    6. Financial Research
    The Financial Modeling Program developed by IMS Proschool - a leading education service provider in India, is designed to impart the following skills in Financial Research:

    1. Investment Banking Fundamentals (Accounting, Economics, Financial Management, Financial Markets)
    2. Excel Proficiency
    3. Financial Modeling

Details about the Module

  • Financial Services Marketing

    The business of Banking and Broking has changed significantly in the past few years in India. There are over 50,000 branches providing banking and broking services to customers. The focus of activities in these branches is on building effective relationships with customers and enhancing cross selling opportunities.

    The Financial Services Marketing Program developed by IMS Proschool - a leading Financial Services education provider in India, is designed to impart the following skills:

    1. Gain Skills to compare Financial Products
    2. Understand Customer Need for Financial Products
    3. Understand Customer Decision Making Process While choosing Financial Products
    4. Increasing Cross Selling Opportunities with exisiting customers

Details about the Module

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