The listing fees depend on the issue size:

Particulars Amount (Rs.)
Initial Listing Fees 7,500
Annual Listing Fees
Issue size:
Of Rs.1 crore 2,100
Above Rs.1 crore and up to Rs.5 crores 4,200
Above Rs.5 crores and up to Rs.10 crores 7,000
Above Rs.10 crores and up to Rs.20 crores 14,000
Above Rs.20 crores and up to Rs.50 crores 21,000
Above Rs.50 crores 35,000

Issuers which have applied for listing of issue size more than Rs. 50 crores would be charged an additional listing fees of Rs. 700 for every increase of Rs. 5 crores or part thereof in the issue size (in Rs.) subject to a maximum of Rs. 50,000/-.

Annual listing fee payable by an Issuer is limited to a maximum of Rs. 7.50 lacs.

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The higher the Percent of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity the better - it indicates that most buyers are expecting the price of the share to go up.

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