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Companies issue additional shares for various reasons. One of the primary reasons they issue additional shares is to raise new capital to fund existing / new business operations. Companies opt to raise funds through different routes such as by way of Qualified Institutional Placement, Preferential Issue, Issue of American Depository Receipts/Global Depository Receipts/Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds, Scheme of Arrangement, etc.

A Company may also issue additional shares to the Employees of the Company by way of Employee Stock Option Plans/Schemes and to its shareholders by way of Bonus/Rights Issue.


Download Under Clause 24(a) (.xls)

Download Post Allotment (.xls)


Download Abeyance (.xls)

Amalgamation/Merger /Scheme of Arrangement

Download Amalgamation - Under Clause 24(f) Wholly Owned Subsidiary (.xls)

Download Amalgamation - Under Clause 24(f) Others (.xls)

Download Demerger - Clause 24(f) Resulting Company Seeking Listing (.xls)

Download Demerger - Clause 24(f) Others (.xls)

Download Capital Reduction - Clause 24(f) (.xls)

Download Under Clause 24(a) (.xls)

Download Post-Allotment (.xls)


Download Under Clause 24(a) (.xls)

Download Post-allotment (.xls)


Download Other than Preferential (.xls)


Download Schedule V (.xls)

Download Schedule VI (.xls)


Download Clause 24(a) (.xls)

Download Post Allotment(.xls)


Download Under Clauser 24(a) (.xls)

Download Conversion : First Time (.xls)

Download Conversion : Subsequent (.xls)


Download Clause 24(a) (.xls)

Download Post-Allotment (.xls)

Institutional Placement Programme

Download IPP (.xls)


Download Clause 24(a) (.xls)

Download Post-Allotment (.xls)

Recommencement of Trading

Download Recommencement of Trading (Scheme of arrangement) (.xls)


Download Vetting (.xls)

Download Post-Allotment (.xls)


Download Vetting (.xls)

Download Post-Allotment (.xls)

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The higher the Percent of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity the better - it indicates that most buyers are expecting the price of the share to go up.

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