Defaulters' Committee

The Defaulters' Committee is a statutory Committee of the Exchange set up to administer the assets in respect of the defaulters /expelled members vesting in the Exchange.

The Defaulters' Committee calls in and realises the security deposits in any form, margin money, other amounts lying to the credit of and securities deposited by the defaulter and recover all moneys, securities and other assets due, payable or deliverable to the defaulter by any other Trading Member in respect of any transaction or dealing made subject to the Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations of the Exchange and such assets shall vest ipso facto, on declaration of any trading member as a defaulter, in the Exchange for the benefit of and on account of any dues of the Exchange, National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited,Securities and Exchange Board of India, other trading members, Constituents and registered sub-brokers of the defaulter, approved banks and any other persons as may be approved by the Defaulters' Committee and other recognised stock exchanges.

The Defaulters' Committee distributes the amount available in the defaulter's account to the admitted claims on pro-rata basis as per the priority laid out under its Rules/Regulations/Bye-Laws of the Exchange.

Members of Defaulters' Committee

  • Ms. Dharmishta Raval - Chairperson
  • Mr. Ashok Chawla - Committee Member
  • Mr. Naved Masood - Committee Member
  • Mr. Vikram Limaye - MD & CEO
  • Mr. J. Ravichandran - Group President

Investor Protection Fund

NSE has established an Investor Protection Fund with the objective of compensating investors in the event of defaulters' assets not being sufficient to meet the admitted claims of investors, promoting investor education, awareness and research. The Investor Protection Fund is administered by way of registered Trust created for the purpose. The Investor Protection Fund Trust is managed by Trustees comprising of Public representative, investor association representative, Board Members and Senior officials of the Exchange.

The Investor Protection Fund Trust, based on the recommendations of the Defaulters' Committee, compensates the investors to the extent of funds found insufficient in Defaulters' account to meet the admitted value of claim, subject to a maximum limit of 15 lakhs per investor per defaulter/expelled member. ( 25 lakhs per investor per defaulter/expelled member in respect of claims arising on expulsion/declaration of default of members on or after January 6, 2017)


  • Mr. Ashok Chawla - Trustee
  • Mr. Naved Masood - Trustee
  • Ms. Dharmishta Raval - Trustee
  • Mr. Ashok Dhere - Trustee
  • Ms. Priya Subbaraman - Trustee

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