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Certification in Online Equity Research Analysis

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This course provides a foundation for understanding Fundamental Analysis. The Equity Research Analysis course imparts scientifically structured to help the participants understand the basic concepts and terminologies relating to the capital market and their application for investing in stocks. The Equity Analysis course imparts knowledge on the techniques employed to determine a security’s value by focussing on the underlying factors that affect a company’s actual business and future prospects.

This course aims to make you a Stock Analyst and equip you with equity research training in a much better way. It provides a foundation for understanding fundamental analysis which involves delving into the financial statements. It helps one to conduct company stock valuation and predict its probable price evolution, to make a projection on its business performance, to evaluate its management and make internal business decisions as well as to calculate its credit risk.

  • Introduction to Equity Analysis & Investing
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • How to read an Annual Report
  • Understanding Stock Selection
  • Understanding Behavioural Finance & Its Application in investing
  • Analysis Beyond Numbers
  • 14 sessions (Approx. 1 Month)
  • 30+ hours of live session
  • 6+ supplementary study materials
  • Practical assignments and full length test should be written
  • Fresher and graduating students
  • Retail Traders
  • Financial Service Professionals
  • Brokers and Sub Brokers
  • Retired personnel’s looking for alternate investments


The Course is mentored by Mr Karan Sharma, having an experience of more than 8 years in Indian markets. He is a passionate investor in equities and runs a family fund specialising in midcap investing and cloning strategy. He has an avid interest in behavioural finance and human psychology involved in investing.


Students enrolling for the course will be given a “Certificate of Completion” from NSE Academy, facilitated by Kredent Academy.

Additional Knowledge Content

  • Practical Exposure and Internship
  • Placement Assistance
  • Support Team
  • Infrastructure
  • Kredent Library
  • Online Learning
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