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Portfolio Management Strategies

with ALPHABETA - investment lab on your device

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ALPHABETA programs provide a practical introduction to portfolio management. Using an interactive App, the learning is driven by simulation techniques that allow you to visualize stocks, ETFs and funds, learn concepts, make decisions, and create trades like a portfolio manager. You will start with simple concepts and graduate progressively to more complex strategies using both statistical and fundamental methods.

Everything you will learn in this course is grounded in strong academic research but is also used by leading real-world portfolio managers. The concepts in this course serve as the basis for the management of hundreds of billions of rupees of assets daily

There are 2 learning paths (certifications):
- Introduction to Portfolio Management
- Systematic Strategies for Equity Portfolio Management

All modules are interweaved with Lab Experiments and Simulations. These topics combined allow learners to complete 2 certifications-
     - Introduction to Portfolio Management
     - Systematic Strategies for Equity Portfolio Management

Topics include:
1. Introduction to portfolio and financial asset classes
2. Passive Investing - concept of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Index funds
3. Active Portfolio Management - mutual funds, short sessling, trading on leverage and long-short hedged portfolios
4. Investment objectives and styles
5. Fundamental vs. Statistical Approaches
     1. Investment horizons
     2. Systematic approaches – alpha, beta, mrap
6. Introduction to systematic approaches and market phenomena
    1. Use past Momentum to predict future returns
    2. Identify similar stocks and profit using Pairs Trading
    3. Value Investing to discern under priced and overpriced stocks
    4. Use Accruals and Cash flow to differentiate stocks based on earnings quality
7. Underlying theories in portfolio management
    1. Capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
    2. Risk return trade off
    3. Statistical methods – regression, correlation, law of large numbers
    4. Trading techniques – short selling, basket trading
    5. Fundamental analysis – market and book value, earnings, accruals
    6. Ratio analysis for value investing – monotonic functions, ratio selection
    7. Risk management – diversification, hedging, market and sector neutral approaches
    8. Judgment and heuristics in markets and trading

Concepts are grouped as:
     - Analytical - based on finance theory
     - Quantitative - based on math
     - Heuristic - based on best practice acquired through repetition
Under each module, a few learning topics are bunched together to make the understanding of the concept simple, clear and effective. As you progress through the Lab Experiments, you will learn one new concept in each category and apply them either by re-doing the Lab Experiment, or by back-testing on Simulate mode. As a learner, you will have access to video lectures, Lab Experiments (plus additional simulations), presentation supplements and live doubt clearing sessions, once each week. The topic of the weekly session will be published in advanced and will be available to you as the sessions calendar.
At the end of each module, you will have an assignment that will be heavily based on the lab experiments, simulations and your reading of the academic papers for additional credit
In many cases, you will be asked to perform the lab experiment first, then test a given hypothesis on Simulation. And last, but not the least, based on your analysis, recommend a position on Manage (real time virtual portfolio) and track its performance
While doubt clearing sessions, video lectures and presentation materials are provided, they are merely the scaffolding to the real learning that will come from doing things practically and interactively on the ALPHABETA App.

Subscribe for unlimited access and multiple certifications
Quarterly : 5,900 (inc tax)
Yearly       : 13,500 (inc tax)

Ideally, some knowledge of basic finance and accounting concepts is desirable, but this is not mandatory. We do not believe that learning is necessarily a linear process, so you can always fall back and learn concepts as and when you encounter them. All you will require are basic mathematical and reasoning skills at a high school level along with a healthy mix of curiosity and enthusiasm without fear of failing. Our motto is “Try, fail, try again, learn, validate, and apply”

  • Learn on the Go
  • Game based pedagogy
  • Manage portfolios in real time
  • Advanced trading strategies
  • Simulate and back-test strategies with real market data, for past 6 years
  • Learn rigorous academic and professional research content in a visual exploration enviornment
  • Live doubt clearing sessions with our academic experts
  • Compete globally with your peers to establish your track record
  • Earn multiple performance based joint certification from NSE Academy Limited – the wholly owned subsidiary of NSE and New York headquartered, ALPHABETA Inc
  • Available on iOS, Android, MAC OS X, Windows 10
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