07-Mar-2024 | 82.9100

01-Mar-2024 17:00

Lac Crs 390.69 | Tn $ 4.71


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Purpose, Vision & Values

Our Logo

NSE New Logo

NSE's identity crafted in the nineties has for the last 25 years, stood for reliability, expertise, innovation and trust. In the last 25 years, the Indian economy and technology landscape has changed dramatically. So has NSE.

NSE's new identity reflect its multi-dimensional nature: multiple asset classes, multiple customer segments, and its multiple roles including, exchange, regulator, index provider, data and analytics, IT services, educator and market developer.

The new identity depicts growth with a modern representation of a blooming flower. The multiple colours capture the multi-faceted nature of the business. The red denotes NSE's strong foundation, the yellow and orange are inspired by the flower for prosperity and auspicious ventures the marigold, and the blue triangle is a compass, always future-oriented and helping us find our true North.

The sharp edges indicate technology, precision and efficiency. The shape also amplifies NSE's tradition of collaboration. The internal vectors depict NSE's DNA of continuously pushing boundaries.

Updated on: 10/02/2023