Environment Impact Projects

Scope: The Societal & CSR focus group is responsible for policy making, implementing and monitoring the Environment and Societal initiatives of NSE. NSE Group CSR Focus Group was formed consisting of employees volunteering to contribute part of their time to undertake CSR activities internally. Environmentally friendly activities like Wind Power generation, Rain Water Harvesting, Use of Solar Energy, Solid Waste Management through promoting Vermicomposting out of the waste from NSE Group premises etc., have been undertaken.


Nature conversation Projects

  • Grow Trees Project of Tree planatation to create low-skill jobs. Environmental benefits for current and future generations and a direct impact on carbon reduction, restoring forests, improving wildlife habitats, and upgrading water catchment areas, and sustenance for local communities; thereby connecting it to NSE’s vision. NSE, therefore, chose to associate itself with Grow Trees and their project at Sariska, Rajasthan.
  • Vermicompost: Manure generated and used for gardening purposes from the canteen waste using the vermicomposting.
  • Nature trails: NSE society focus group organises nature trails, in association with Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), for its employees to sensitise them and create awareness about nature conservation.

Energy Conservation Projects

  • LED lighting in Basement and Periphery of the Building. Thermal Energy Storage Plant for Air-conditioning as retro-fit & executed online
  • Solar System has been installed at Exchange Plaza during the year 2011 which results in saving of substantial electrical units.
  • NSE

Observing World Water Day:

On 22nd March, 2017, NSE observed the World Water Day at the head office and western regional office. The staff and children from All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG) performed a street play at both premises on the sensitive issue of water crisis and how one can make a difference in saving water through responsible behaviour in our daily lives.

Relief in Times of Disaster and Natural/National Calamities

NSE has aided government efforts in disaster relief through assistance to the affected communities. The relief has been primarily directed towards socially and economically excluded communities that have limited access to humanitarian relief and rehabilitation. The primary targets include families who have not received adequate humanitarian assistance from any other source. NSE took active part in relief assistance during the Chennai and Bihar floods in 2016.

The Chennai branch office of NSE rendered timely emergency relief assistance to affected citizens during the 2016 floods. NSE provided emergency medical aid, ration and psychological counselling to senior citizens.

Another instance of NSE providing immediate humanitarian relief includes its response to flood affected victims in Bihar. The organisation in association with a local partner provided immediate support to decrease public health risks to 4,000 flood affected households in Katihar and Purnea districts. Water and sanitation facilities, hygiene kits, public health promotion interventions, and emergency temporary shelter materials were provided.

Updated on: 02/03/2020
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