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1 NSEF/DD/Mumb/Maha/2022-23/032 NA NA Empanelment of Due-Diligence and Project Proposal Appraisal Agency Closed 03-12-2022
Impact assessments
1 NSEF/Con/Mult/Mult/2022-23/043 Elder Care

Birbhum, Ramanathapuram, Karauli, 

Yavatmal, Nalgonda, Purbi Midnapore & Supaul

Impact Assessment of Multi-Location Elder Care Projects Closed 30-03-2023
2 NSEF/Con/Rama/Tami/2022-23/042   Primary Education and Skill Development Ramanathapuram Impact Assessment of Primary Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Projects in Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu Closed 30-03-2023
3 NSEF/Env/Rama/Tami/2022-23/045   Environment Sustainability Ramanathapuram Impact Assessment of Environment Sustainability Projects in Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu Closed 30-03-2023
4 NSEF/Edu/Birb/West/2022-23/026 Primary Education Birbhum Impact Assessment of Project “Sahaj Path: Bridging learning gaps of students in government primary schools of Dubrajpur block, Birbhum district, West Bengal” Closed 30-03-2023
5 NSEF/WaSH/Nand/Maha/2022-23/016 WaSH Ramanathapuram & Birbhum Impact Assessment of Project “Drinking Water Kiosks with Fluoride and De-salinity Remediation” Closed 30-03-2023
6 NSEF/Eld/Nand/Maha/2022-23/017   Elder Care Ramanathapuram & Nandurbar Impact Assessment of Project “Samraksha - Healthcare Access to Geriatric Population through Technology” Closed 30-03-2023
7 NSEF/Edu/Nash/Maha/2022-23/044   Primary Education Nashik Impact Assessment of Project – Anupad, Nashik, Maharashtra Closed 30-03-2023
8 NSEF/Con/Kara/Raja/20 22-23/040 Primary Education, Environment Sustainability
and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WaSH)
Karauli (RJ) Impact Assessment of Primary Education, Environment Sustainability and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WaSH) projects in Karauli District
of Rajasthan
Closed 28-02-2023
9 NSEF/Con/Nand/Maha/2022-23/041 Primary Education and Elder Care Nandurbar (MH) Impact Assessment of Primary Education and Elder Care Project in Nandurbar District of Maharashtra Closed 28-02-2023
10 NSEF/WaSH/Nand/Maha/2022-23/013 WaSH Nandurbar (MH) Block Transformation for ODF sustainability and WASH compliant communities, schools, Ashramshalas and other key institutions Closed 09-01-2023
11 NSEF/Edu/Nand/Maha/2022-23/015 Primary Education Nandurbar (MH) Karadi Path Magic English SLL Program Closed 09-01-2023
12 NSEF/WaSH/Kara/Raja/2022-23/020 Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water Karauli (RJ) Promotion Of Swachh And Swasth Hindaun Block Of Karauli District In Rajasthan Closed 09-01-2023
13 NSEF/Edu/Kara/Raja/2022-23/021 Primary Education Karauli (RJ) Foundational Learning Enhancement In Primary Grades [I-V] In Government Schools In Hindaun Block Of Karauli District Rajasthan Closed 09-01-2023
14 NSEF/Edu/Nand/Maha/2022-23/022 Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water Nandurbar (MH) Creating Enablers For Odf Sustainability Closed 09-01-2023
15 NSEF/Edu/Rama/Tami/2022-23/024 Primary Education Ramanathapuram (TN) PROJECT- STUDENT TEACHER EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM (STEP) PLUS Closed 09-01-2023
16 NSEF/WaSH/Nand/Maha/2022-23/031 Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water Nandurbar (MH) Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) interventions in Nandurbar, Maharashtra Closed 18-11-2022
17 NSEF/Edu/Nand/Maha/2022-23/014 Primary Education Nandurbar (MH) Siksha Setu Closed 18-11-2022
18 NSEF/Eld/Nand/Maha/2022-23/018 Elder Care Nandurbar (MH) Pilot Initiative on Comprehensive Elderly Care Programme in Nandurbar district by operational-ising the National Programme for Health Care of Elderly (NPHCE) scheme of the Government. Closed 18-11-2022
19 NSEF/Env/Nand/Maha/2022-23/023 Environment sustainability Nandurbar (MH) "Gram Samrudhi’- Community Led Climate Smart Initiatives, to Safeguard Local Livelihood and Environment at Dhadgaon and Akkalkuva, tribal blocks in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra Closed 18-11-2022
20 NSEF/Edu/Nand/Maha/2022-23/025 Primary Education Nandurbar (MH) Serving and Enriching Education to Under-privileged Tribal Children in Talode Block of Nandurbar District Closed 18-11-2022
21 NSEF/WaSH/Rama/Tami/2022-23/027 Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water Ramanathapuram (TN) Sustainable Community ODF Program at Ramanathapuram Block, Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu. Closed 18-11-2022
22 NSEF/Skil/Nand/Maha/2022-23/028 Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Nandurbar (MH) To provide sustainable livelihood by way of providing construction Skill training and employment / self-employment for Rural Youth from Nandurbar, Maharashtra. Closed 18-11-2022
23 NSEF/WaSH/Kara/Raja/2022-23/001 Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water Karauli (RJ) Making Sapotra Block of Karauli district Open Defecation Free through School, AWC, Community centered based WASH interventions Closed -
24 NSEF/Edu/Kara/Raja/2022-23/002 Primary Education Karauli (RJ) Improving literacy & numeracy skills of 9,609 school children in primary and upper primary classes through integrated school development, remedial classes for weak students and teacher's capacity building Closed -
25 NSEF/Edu/Saga/Madh/2022-23/003 Primary Education Sagar (MP) Rehli Shiksha Pahal Program (RSPP) Closed -
26 NSEF/Eld/Rama/Tami/2022-23/004 Eldercare Ramanathapuram (TN) Garnering Resilience through Elders for Elders Network, Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu Closed -
27 NSEF/Edu/Rama/Tami/2022-23/005 Primary Education Ramanathapuram (TN) Project EQUIP (Education Quality Improvement project) Closed -
28 NSEF/WaSH/Rama/Tami/2022-23/006 WASH Ramanathapuram (TN) Promotion of Thiruppullani as Swachh and Swasth Block Closed -
29 NSEF/WaSH/Rama/Tami/2022-23/007 WASH Ramanathapuram (TN) Sustainable Community ODF Program in Mandapam Block, Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu Closed -
30 NSEF/Edu/Puru/West/2022-23/008 Primary Education Purulia (WB), Bankura (WB) Girl Child Education Programme Closed -
31 NSEF/Edu/Birb/West/2022-23/009 Primary Education Birbhum (WB) Shikshadeep Prakalpa Closed -
32 NSEF/DR/Gola/Assa/2022-23/010 Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation Golahat (AS), Jorhat (AS) Assam Flood Response 2020 Restoration of WASH in Schools Closed -
33 NSEF/HN/Birb/West/2022-23/011 Health & Nutrition Birbhum (WB) Lifeline Express Closed -
34 NSEF/DR/Ratn/Maha/2022-23/012 Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation Ratnagiri (MH) Rebuilding Schools Affected by Nisarga Cyclone Closed -



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