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Computer to Computer Link (CTCL)

NSE offers a facility to its trading members by which members can use their own trading front-end software in order to trade on the NSE trading system. This facility called Computer-to-Computer Link (CTCL) facility is available only to trading members of NSE.

About the CTCL facility

Trading Members can use their own software running on any suitable hardware/software platform of their choice. This software would be a replacement of the NEAT front-end software that is currently used by members to trade on the NSE trading system. Members can use software customised to meet their specialised needs like provision of on-line trade analysis, risk management tools, integration of back-office operations etc. The dealers of the member may trade using the software remotely through the member's own private network, subject to approvals from Department of Telecommunication etc. as may be required in this regard.

CTCL software

Members can procure the CTCL software either from software vendors who are empanelled with NSE or they may develop the software through their own in-house development team or may procure the software from other non-empanelled vendors.

The Exchange has issued circular no.NSE/CMO/0235/2005 dated Aug 24, 2005 (Download No.NSE/CMTR/6552) regarding detailing requirement and procedures to be complied with by members desirous of using the CTCL facility.

Vendors desirous of being empanelled with the Exchange for providing CTCL solutions to the trading members of the Exchange can refer to circular no.NSE/CMO/0029/2000 dated December 19, 2000 (Download No.NSE/CMT/2174), circular no.NSE/CMO/0039/2001 dated December 14, 2001 (Download No.NSE/CMTR/3054) and circular no.NSE/CMO/10 dated January 28, 2003 (Download No.NSE/CMTR/3896) detailing the requirements and procedures to be complied with by vendors for empanelment.

Download List of vendors empanelled with NSE (.zip)

Updated on: 03/01/2023