File name: F_RPT_<DDMMYYYY_NN>.csv. (Comma Separated File)
-F is segment indicator
-RPT is the file type
-DDMMYYYY is the date of upload
-NN is the batch number (incremental number in case of subsequent file for same date)

The structure of the control record is as follows:

Sr.No. Field Name Remarks
1 Date Should be equal to the File Batch Date.(same format as in file name)
2 Batch Number Should be equal to the File Batch Number. (E.g. 01,02 etc)
3 Number of Records Should be equal to the total number of detail records in the file.

The structure of the detail record is as follows:

Sr.No. Field Name Remarks
1 Date format shall be DDMMYYYY (date for which reported)
2 FII / MF Registration No. SEBI FII/ MF registration number e.g. (for FII it shall be IN-AA-BB-0123-56 and for MF it shall be MF-01-23-01)
3 Reporting Indicator 'IDX' for index products and 'IRD' for Interest rate derivatives.
4 Stock / Cash Equivalents ‘SEC’ for holding of stocks and 'CSH' for others
5 Notional value should be with maximum two decimals

All the fields mentioned above are mandatory

The files need to be uploaded on the extranet server in the following directory
MEMBER CODE is 5 digit trading member code allotted to the member (e.g. 09999 and not M12345 or C23456)

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