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FTSE 100 Contract Specifications
Ticker Symbol FTSE100
Contract Size 50 units
Notional value Contract size multiplied by the index level (For example: if the current index value is 5900 then the notional value would be 5900 x 50 = Rs. 2,95,000)
Tick Size 1.00
Trading Hours As in equity derivative segment. Expiry Day: 2:45 pm or 3:30 pm
Expiry Date 3rd Friday of the respective contract month. In case third Friday is a holiday in UK or in India the contract shall expire on the preceding business day
Contract months 3 serial monthly contracts and 3 Quarterly expiry contracts in the Mar-Jun-Sep-Dec cycle
Daily Settlement Price Last half hour's weighted average price
Final Settlement Price Based on Exchange delivery settlement price(computed based on the intra-day auction prices conducted at LSE)
Final Settlement Procedure Final settlement will be Cash settled in INR based on final settlement price
Final Settlement day All open positions on expiry date shall be settled on the next working day of the expiry date (T+1)
Position Limits The Trading Member/Mutual Funds position limits as well as the disclosure requirement for clients is same as applicable in case of domestic stock index derivatives