NSE - NYU Stern School of Business Initiative for the Study of Indian Financial Markets


Keynote Speech 2016-17


NSE-NYU Stern Initiative 2015-16

S.No. Title Author Working Paper White Paper
1 Uncovered Equity “Disparity” in Emerging Markets Ana-Maria Fuertes, Kate Phylaktis*, Cheng Yan
2 Liquidity Shocks and Arbitrageur Activity V. Ravi Anshuman, Prachi Deuskar, Krishnamurthy V. Subramanian & Ramabhadran S. Thirumalai
3 The role of insider trading in the market reaction to news releases: Evidence from an emerging market Francois Brochet, Paul Lee, Suraj Srinivasan
4 Stock market participation in the aftermath of an accounting scandal Renuka Sane
5 Foreign Currency Borrowing of Corporations as Carry Trades: Evidence from India Viral V. Acharya, Siddharth Vij
6 How Do Small Investors Impact Derivative Markets? Evidence From A Policy Experiment Ankit Jain, Mrinal Mishra and Prasanna Tantri
7 Creditor Rights and Corporate Labor Policy: Evidence from a Policy Experiment Shashwat Alok, Ritam Chaurey, Vasudha Nukala

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