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Working Paper Series

S.No. Title Author
November 2015
1 Mispricing in single stock futures: Empirical examination of Indian markets R.L. Shankar, Ganesh Sankar, Kiran Kumar K
February 2015
2 How Good is the Transformation-Based Approach to Estimate Value at Risk? Simulation and Empirical Results G.P. Samanta
January 2015
3 Long Run performance of Rights Issues and FPOs: Evidence from India Soumya G. Deb and Krishna C. Kamisetty
December 2014
4 Debt, Bankruptcy Risk, and Corporate Tax Sheltering Akanksha Jalan, Jayant R. Kale, and Costanza Meneghetti
March 2014
5 Reference Price Bias and Regulations in Indian Mergers and Acquisitions Kavitha Ranganathan and Poonam Singh
6 Run-up in Stock Prices Prior to Merger & Acquisitions Announcements: Evidence from India Pitabas Mohanty and Supriti Mishra
January 2014
7 Ownership Trends in Corporate India (2001-2011): Evidence and implications Bala N. Balasubramanian and Anand Ramaswamy


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Working paper series

S. No. Title Author Download
Year 2014
1 Barriers to Basic Banking: Results from an Audit Study in South India Amy Jensen Mowl and Camille Boudot


2 How Much Can Asset Portfolios of Rural Households Benefit from Formal Financial Services? Vishnu Prasad, Anand Sahasranaman, Santadarshan Sadhu, Rachit Khaitan


3 Economics of the Business Correspondent Model Lakshmi Kumar and G. Balasubramanian


Year 2013
4 The Role of Transaction costs in access to savings and credit Amy Jensen Mowl


5 Microfinance Products & the Role of Securities Markets G. Balasubramanian, Lakshmi Kumar, Ramesh Subramanian


6 Technology, Financial Inclusion and Securities Market Lakshmi Kumar, G.Balasubramanian, Ramesh Subramanian Download
7 Regulating Microfinance Institutions in India G. Balasubramanian, Lakshmi Kumar, Ramesh Subramanian Download

Financial Deepening & Household Finance Research Initiative (2014-15)

The NSE-IFF Research Initiative on Financial Inclusion is a joint venture of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and IFMR Finance Foundation (IFF). The Initiative invites academics and scholars to submit research proposals for projects in the domain of Financial Inclusion. This joint call for proposals, under the NSE-IFF Financial Inclusion Research Initiative, aims at generating high-quality research on financial inclusion, and fund projects under the broad themes of financial inclusion, financial deepening and household financial behaviour. The objective of this Initiative is to promote the systematic development of a body of work in these areas that can be of benefit to policy makers in the design of financial sector policy and to practitioners as they seek to design products and services for low-income and excluded populations.

Working paper series:

S. No. Title Author Download
Year: 2016
1 No Policy is an Island: Finance and Food Security in India Andre Butler and Camille Boudot


2 Quality of investment advice in retail banking in India: An assessment Renuka Sane and Monika Halan


3 Quantifying and Predicting pre-payments in the Micro-finance Environment Nandan Sudarsanam and Dibu John Philip


4 Examining the adequacy of MFI multiple lending directive by RBI: A study of slum dwellers' loan choices Kanish Debnath and Priyanka Roy


Updated on: 27/01/2020
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