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NSE-SES ESG Analysis on Listed Companies

Date: July 2022

NSE-SES ESG Analysis on Listed Companies (.pdf)


NSE-SES Integrated Guide to BRSR

Date: June 2022

According to the amended SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, the existing Business Responsibility Report (BRR) shall be replaced by a more detailed and comprehensive Business Responsibility & Sustainability Report (BRSR) in two phases, to be prepared in a prescribed format specified by the SEBI. The first phase effective from FY2021-22 is voluntary and the second phase effective from FY2022-23 is mandatory for the top 1000 companies. To help the listed entities in understanding the updated disclosure requirements and concepts associated with the new format of the BRSR, National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), in association with Stakeholder Empowerment Services (SES), has conceptualised 38 sector-specific integrated guides to BRSR format. These comprehensive guides provide detailed explanation of each parameter in the format and the objective for such disclosures, along with an elaborate guidance on how to measure and report such parameters.

YouTube link to the webinar

ESG Scores of Nifty 50 Companies

Date: June 2022

ESG Scores of  Nifty 50 Companies (.pdf)

NSE-SES Report on Board Composition and Remuneration

Date: November 2021

Board Composition Report (.pdf)

Board Remuneration Report (.pdf)

YouTube link to the webinar

NSE-IIAS Study on Board Evaluation and Skills in India Disclosure and Practices 2019-20

Date: June 2021

Board Evaluation in India Disclosures and Practices 2019-20 (.pdf)

Board Skills in India Disclosures and Practices 2019-20 (.pdf)

CIO Dialogues (.zip)

SEBI Technical Group Report on Social Stock Exchange

Date: May 2021

Technical Group Report on Social Stock Exchange (English Version) (.pdf)

Technical Group Report on Social Stock Exchange (Hindi Version) (.pdf)

NSE-SES ESG Analysis on 50 Listed Companies

Date: July 2020

ESG Analysis on 50 listed companies in India (.pdf)

ESG Analysis Model July 2020 (.pdf)

YouTube link to the webinar

Corporate Governance: An Emerging Scenario

Book cover of Corporate Governance: An Emerging Scenario

Download Entire Publication (.zip)

S.No. Title Author
1 Corporate Governance: An Emerging Scenario (.pdf) N. Balasubramanian, Deepak M. Satwalekar
Part I : Conceptual & Regulatory
2 The Two Sides of the Governance Coin: Competition and Regulation (.pdf) Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti
3 Regulation in Corporate Governance and Elsewhere: The Inconclusive Debate (.pdf) Chiranjib Sen, N. Balasubramanian
4 Progress, Unfinished Business and the Rewards of Corporate Governance Reform in Asia (.pdf) Jamie Allen
5 Anatomy and Limitations of a Legal-Centric Approach to Corporate Governance (.pdf) K.P. Krishnan, C.K.G. Nair, Anupam Mitra
6 Enforcing Corporate Regulation: The Way Ahead (.pdf) Vikramaditya Khanna
Part II : Empirical & Experiential
7 Corporate Governance and Market Value: Preliminary Evidence from Indian Companies (.pdf) Alka Banerjee, Subir Gokarn, 
Manoranjan Pattanayak,Sunil K. Sinha
8 Risk Governance at Financial Institutions: Looking Ahead after the Sub-Prime Crisis (.pdf) Dipinder S. Randhawa
9 Ownership and Corporate Governance in Indian Firms (.pdf) Jayati Sarkar
10 Corporate Governance in an Emerging Market: What does the Market Trust? (.pdf) Rajesh Chakrabarti, Subrata Sarkar
11 Finding patterns in Governance Failures and Drawing Lessons (.pdf) Pratip Kar
12 Integrating CSR into the Corporate Governance Framework: The Current State of Indian Law and Signposts for the Way Ahead (.pdf) Richa Gautam
13 The Role of Reputation Agents in Corporate Governance (.pdf) Sammy Medora, Ganesh Ramamurthy
14 The Institution of Independent Directors: Does it Really Deliver? (.pdf) Prithvi Haldea
15 Strengthening the Institution of Independent Directors (.pdf) Subrata Sarkar
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