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Centre for Excellence in Corporate Governance

Quarterly Briefing on:
Mandatory Board Governance in India – Lessons from new regulatory regimes (.pdf)

Chief Contributor: Ekta Selarka

March 2022

Quarterly Briefing

Archives of Quarterly Briefings

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Recognizing the important role that stock exchanges play in enhancing corporate governance (CG) standards, NSE has organized new initiatives relating to CG. To encourage best standards of CG among the Indian corporates and to keep them abreast of the emerging and existing issues, in December, 2012, NSE set up a Centre for Excellence in Corporate Governance (NSE CECG), which is an independent expert advisory body comprising eminent domain experts, academics and practitioners. The expert body discuss CG issues and development from time to time. The ‘Quarterly Briefing’, a note that offers an analysis of one emerging or existing CG issue, is a product emerging from these discussions.

Name Designation
Deepak M. Satwalekar Former MD & CEO, HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd.
Nawshir Mirza Professional Independent Director
Sharad Abhyankar  Commercial Lawyer and M&A Partner, Khaitan & Co.
Subrata Sarkar   Professor, IGIDR
Umakanth Varottil   Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Vikramaditya Khanna  Professor, University of Michigan Law School
Tirthankar Patnaik Member Secretary, NSE CECG
Updated on: 08/04/2022
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