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Co-location Facility

In keeping up with the global trends and in continuation of service excellence, the Exchange is facilitating its members to co-locate their NNF infrastructure at NSE premises. The co-location facility would have the following features:

  • Co-location facility shall be used only for NNF trading on NSE.
  • Co-location facilitates with dual UPS power source and 100% DG capacity which ensures uninterrupted power.
  • Multiple Precision air conditioning units, with N+1 redundancy ensuring optimal temperature at all times.
  • Co-location facility at the Exchange comes in 3 variants: Standard 42U Full Rack with 6KVA power, Half rack of 21U with 3.5KVA and Quarter rack 9U with 1.75KVA.

Related costs are as mentioned below:

Rack Size Charges per rack p.a. (incl. basic IT charges) (in Rs.) Initial Setup charges (in Rs.) (one time charge per rack) Maximum permissible Interactive IPs
Full Rack 12,00,000 1,00,000 40
Half Rack 6,00,000 50,000 20
Quarter Rack 3,00,000 25,000 10

1. Base rate for first 10 Half Rack Equivalent (HRE) racks will be as above for a participant.
2. Charges for next 15 HREs will be 25% over the base rate.
3. Charges for racks above 25 HREs will be 50% over the base rate.
4. Rack shall be provisioned to participant on or before 6 months on receipt of complete rack desire request (e.g. below), other than in unforeseen circumstances which are beyond control of NSE. 

Complete rack desire requests received as on Racks shall be provisioned on or before
January 31,2022 July 31,2022

Please refer Exchange circular NSE/MSD/51160 dated January 28,2022 for rack allotment process and more details.

  • Backup restore facility (optional) will be charged at Rs 66000/- per rack.
  • Applicable service tax shall be levied on all the above charges
  • Order Connectivity and market data connectivity will be provided on 10 Gbps network port
  • Members can opt from various message category mentioned below:
Sr. No. Message Category Annual Recovery charges + Taxes (in ₹)
1 Category A (40 m.p.s) 50,000
2 Category B (100 m.p.s) 2,50,000
3 Category C (200 m.p.s) 5,00,000
4 Category D (400 m.p.s) 10,00,000
5 Category E (1000 m.p.s) 25,00,000


1.First connection on a Rack in co-location shall be provided free with message category 'A'. However, if the category of the free connection is changed to any other category then the said connection will be charged thereafter even if it is converted back to the message category 'A'.

2.For subsequent connections at colocation, applicable ARC shall be collected.

  • Members can choose from various connectivity options available for market data and order message connectivity.(Please see the "Deposits and Costing" section of Connectivity for details)
  • Members may take one or more leased line/MPLS to the co-location facility from different telecom service providers for the purpose of setting up or modifying parameters, trading related activities and hardware, software, network related access, software download/upload and monitoring and data downloads. Such leased line/MPLS can terminate at the below mentioned locations:
    1. Members registered / dealing / branch office / Authorised Person 
    2. Members rack in Colocation facility of another recognized stock exchange in India
    3. Members owned/hired rack in a third party data center in India
    4. A common designated access point/switch/router provided for the purpose at any other recognized Exchange in India
    5. A common switch in India provided by the empanelled telecom service providers of colocation
    6. A common designated access point/switch/router provided by Financial Market Infrastructures regulated by RBI that offers trading/reporting of underlying assets on which the Exchange provides derivatives contracts.

Connectivity Service Providers in Exchange Colocation (.pdf)

  • Basic IT services namely Help Desk (24*7), Hardware Checks, Incident Management (Level 1), On-site coordination, daily reports, Named resource (SPOC) for the account and Power ON/OFF / Boot on request will be provided.
  • Network performance parameters such as latency figures are published on periodic basis.
  • Exchange has implemented robust access control and monitoring mechanism with appropriate policies.
  • Due to security reasons, physical access to co-location data centre will be restricted only to the initial set up and access for periodic or urgent maintenance if any would be only with prior permission from NSE.
  • The Application form has to be accompanied by requisite Payment which has to be made by way of debit instruction of exchange due account/cheque/ demand draft drawn in favour of National Stock Exchange of India Limited payable in Mumbai.

Reference Latency Report

Download Report in accordance with SEBI circular: SEBI/HO/MRD/DP/CIR/P/2018/62 dated April 09, 2018.

Quarterly Reference Latency (.pdf)

Updated on: 02/01/2023