About MyNSE Portfolio Manager

My NSE is a free personalised Application that is provided by National Stock Exchange to manage your investments in the stock market and track the online rates. MYNSE is not a Trading Application. It does not allow you to buy or sell shares online. Neither does it ask you to deposit or link your bank account or DP. We do we collect any other personal information and details. To open an Trading Account, you need to approach a registered broker and provide them with the documents, before you can start trading. Please visit this section for more details.

This is a free service. You need to register to create and access your personalised portfolio. You can change your password and update your profile after you log-in using the password. Please do not share your MYNSE credential with anyone.

Features of MYNSE

  1. Portfolio Manager
  2. Customized Market Watch

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager is a facility to create a virtual portfolio by choosing stocks from NSE’s CM Market only. Once the portfolio is created you can monitor the performance of your holdings against the current day's prices


  1. Create upto 3 portfolios with not more than 100 transactions in each portfolio.
  2. Set a portfolio as default portfolio (you will be taken to this portfolio when you login) .
  3. Change the default settings of a portfolio.
  4. Add/ Modify /Delete transactions to an existing portfolio.
  5. Modify / delete transactions in a portfolio.
  6. View/ Rename / Delete the portfolio.

Customized Watch

Customized Market Watch is a tool that allows you to set up your own market watch both in Capital Market and Derivatives segment. Using this you can:

  1. Create upto 3 watches with not more than 25 securities / contracts in each watch.
  2. Add/ Modify /Delete securities / contracts to an existing watch
  3. View/ Rename/ Delete the watch
  4. Set a watch as default watch (you will be taken to this watch when you login)
  5. Change the default settings of a watch


  • Incase of trouble with your login, please write to us with your MYNSE user id, email address & Mobile No. at nsewebmaster@nse.co.in