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Migration to Main Board


List of Companies Migrated to Main Board : 138

Name of the Company Symbol Migration date
Tara Chand InfraLogistic Solutions Limited TARACHAND 16-Apr-2024
Laxmi Goldorna House Limited LGHL 10-Nov-2023
Thejo Engineering Limited THEJO 10-Oct-2023
Uravi T and Wedge Lamps Limited URAVI 05-Jul-2023
M K Proteins Limited MKPL 13-Jun-2023
Sigma Solve Limited SIGMA 09-Jun-2023
Pavna Industries Limited PAVNAIND 01-Jun-2023
Latteys Industries Limited LATTEYS 23-May-2023
Power & Instrumentation (Gujarat) Limited PIGL 17-May-2023
AVG Logistics Limited AVG 12-May-2023
Atal Realtech Limited ATALREAL 12-May-2023
Shree Vasu Logistics Limited SVLL 21-Apr-2023
Lexus Granito (India) Limited LEXUS 13-Mar-2023
Bodhi Tree Multimedia Limited BTML 15-Feb-2023
ShreeOswal Seeds And Chemicals Limited OSWALSEEDS 28-Feb-2023
Nupur Recyclers Limited NRL 12-Jan-2023
Sarveshwar Foods Limited SARVESHWAR 08-Dec-2022
Osia Hyper Retail Limited OSIAHYPER 01-Dec-2022
AAA Technologies Limited AAATECH 28-Nov-2022
Vinny Overseas Limited VINNY 28-Nov-2022
B&B Triplewall Containers Limited BBTCL 23-Nov-2022
Hindprakash Industries Limited HPIL 07-Nov-2022
Ace Integrated Solutions Limited ACEINTEG 04-Nov-2022
Bohra Industries Limited BOHRAIND 27-Oct-2022
Narmada Agrobase Limited NARMADA 27-Oct-2022
DC Infotech and Communication Limited DCI 19-Oct-2022
SecUR Credentials Limited SECURCRED 17-Oct-2022
Ksolves India Limited KSOLVES 23-Sep-2022
Fourth Dimension Solutions Limited 4THDIM 06-Sep-2022
Kshitij Polyline Limited KSHITIJPOL 27-Jul-2022
We Win Limited WEWIN 15-Jun-2022
Silver Touch Technologies Limited SILVERTUC 12-May-2022
Kritika Wires Limited KRITIKA 04-May-2022
Vaxtex Cotfab Limited VCL 19-Apr-2022
E2E Networks Limited E2E 12-Apr-2022
Avro India Limited AVROIND 07-Apr-2022
Sonam Clock Limited SONAMCLOCK 07-Apr-2022
Debock Industries Limited DIL 31-Mar-2022
MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Limited MITCON 17-Mar-2022
Priti International Limited PRITI 02-Mar-2022
Softtech Engineers Limited SOFTTECH 25-Feb-2022
Dev Information Technology Limited DEVIT 15-Feb-2022
Crown Lifters Limited CROWN 08-Feb-2022
Wonder Fibromats Limited WFL 17-Jan-2022
Uniinfo Telecom Services Limited UNIINFO 12-Jan-2022
Brand Concepts Limited BCONCEPTS 11-Jan-2022
United Polyfab Gujarat Limited UNITEDPOLY 31-Dec-2021
HEC Infra Projects Limited HECPROJECT 30-Dec-2021
Jet Freight Logistics Limited JETFREIGHT 21-Dec-2021
Zodiac Energy Limited ZODIAC 14-Dec-2021
Rajshree Polypack Limited RPPL 26-Nov-2021
Focus Lighting and Fixtures Limited FOCUS 24-Nov-2021
Marshall Machines Limited MARSHALL 22-Nov-2021
Laxmi Cotspin Limited LAXMICOT 12-Nov-2021
Sikko Industries Limited SIKKO 22-Oct-2021
Art Nirman Limited ARTNIRMAN 18-Oct-2021
Pansari Developers Limited PANSARI 18-Oct-2021
Airo Lam Limited AIROLAM 13-Oct-2021
Euro India Fresh Foods Limited EIFFL 12-Oct-2021
Lagnam Spintex Limited LAGNAM 30-Sep-2021
Shanti Overseas (India) Limited SHANTI 16-Sep-2021
Par Drugs and Chemicals Limited PAR 16-Sep-2021
Servotech Power Systems Limited SERVOTECH 02-Sep-2021
Nandani Creation Limited NANDANI 02-Sep-2021
Ganga Forging Limited GANGAFORGE 06-Jul-2021
Hindcon Chemicals Limited HINDCON 05-Jul-2021
Moksh Ornaments Limited MOKSH 21-May-2021
Ajooni Biotech Limited AJOONI 07-May-2021
Tembo Global Industries Limited TEMBO 23-Apr-2021
Nitiraj Engineers Limited NITIRAJ 22-Apr-2021
Arvee Laboratories (India) Limited ARVEE 22-Mar-2021
Silgo Retail Limited SILGO 03-Mar-2021
Iris Clothings Limited IRISDOREME 22-Feb-2021
AKG Exim Limited AKG 16-Feb-2021
Rajnandini Metal Limited RAJMET 16-Feb-2021
Ahlada Engineers Limited AHLADA 28-Jan-2021
Wealth First Portfolio Managers Limited WEALTH 20-Jan-2021
Godha Cabcon & Insulation Limited GODHA 24-Dec-2020
Mangalam Global Enterprise Limited MGEL 23-Dec-2020
RKEC Projects Limited RKEC 18-Dec-2020
Rudrabhishek Enterpreses Limited REPL 14-Dec-2020
Accuracy Shipping Limited ACCURACY 11-Dec-2020
Global Education Limited GLOBAL 7-Dec-2020
Supreme Engineering Limited SUPREMEENG 4-Dec-2020
Marine Electricals (India) Limited MARINE 02-Dec-2020
Dangee Dums Limited DANGEE 13-Nov-2020
Keerti Knowledge and Skills Limited KEERTI 13-Nov-2020
Aaron Industries Limited AARON 06-Nov-2020
D. P. Abhushan Limited DPABHUSHAN 03-Nov-2020
Banka BioLoo Limited BANKA 29-Oct-2020
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Limited BSHSL 28-Oct-2020
Shradha Infraprojects Limited SHRADHA 22-Oct-2020
Suumaya Lifestyle Limited SUULD 19-Oct-2020
Ice Make Refrigeration Limited ICEMAKE 12-Oct-2020
Globe Textiles (India) Limited GLOBE 07-Oct-2020
Sintercom India Limited SINTERCOM 07-Oct-2020
Aakash Exploration Services Limited AAKASH 29-Sep-2020
Shree Ram Proteins Limited SRPL 23-Sep-2020
Total Transport Systems Limited TOTAL 28-Aug-2020
Madhav Copper Limited MCL 19-Aug-2020
Macpower CNC Machines Limited MACPOWER 19-Aug-2020
Worth Peripherals Limited WORTH 04-Aug-2020
Tirupati Forge Limited TIRUPATIFL 04-Aug-2020
Silly Monks Entertainment Limited SILLYMONKS 08-Jul-2020
Aarvi Encon Limited AARVI 24-Jun-2020
Univastu India Limited UNIVASTU 22-Jun-2020
Kapston Facilities Management Limited KAPSTON 27-May-2020
Vertoz Advertising Limited VERTOZ 14-May-2020
Mittal Life Style Limited MITTAL 29-Apr-2020
Geekay Wires Limited GEEKAYWIRE 06-Mar-2020
Touchwood Entertainment Limited TOUCHWOOD 21-Jan-2020
D P Wires Limited DPWIRES 17-Jan-2020
Vaishali Pharma Limited VAISHALI 15-Jan-2020
MMP Industries Limited MMP 09-Jan-2020
Panache Digilife Limited PANACHE 06-Jan-2020
Jash Engineering Limited JASH 30-Oct-2019
Akash Infra Projects Limited AKASH 11-Oct-2019
Madhya Bharat Agro Products Limited MBAPL 22-Aug-2019
Krishana Phoschem Limited KRISHANA 22-Aug-2019
Zota Health Care Limited ZOTA 19-Aug-2019
Creative Peripherals and Distribution Limited CREATIVE 05-Aug-2019
Shrenik Limited SHRENIK 02-Aug-2019
Sumit Woods Limited SUMIT 30-Jul-2019
Libas Designs Limited LIBAS 23-Jul-2019
Sirca Paints India Limited SIRCA 22-Jul-2019
Sanginita Chemicals Limited SANGINITA 15-Jul-2019
InfoBeans Technologies Limited INFOBEAN 15-Jul-2019
Steel City Securities Limited STEELCITY 27-Jun-2019
One Point One Solutions Limited ONEPOINT 09-May-2019
Airan Limited AIRAN 03-May-2019
South West Pinnacle Exploration Limited SOUTHWEST 18-Apr-2019
Maheshwari Logistics Limited MAHESHWARI 15-Apr-2019
Sakar Healthcare Limited SAKAR 11-Apr-2019
Agro Phos India Limited AGROPHOS 08-Mar-2019
Sagardeep Alloys Limited SAGARDEEP 25-Jan-2019
Hi-Tech Pipes Limited HITECH 07-May-2018
Momai Apparels Limited AILF 19-Dec-2017
Sanco Industries Limited SANCO 22-Nov-2016
Veto Switchgears And Cables Limited VETO 29-Apr-2015
Updated on: 16/05/2024