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Products segments

NSE offers a comprehensive and innovative product and service offerings delivered through a vertically-integrated business model supported by a robust risk management system framework. NSE is driven its committment of a more inclusive and transparent market, in its search for newer products and processes. It recognises that technology forms the core of financial markets in driving greater transparency and is ever evolving.  Though we launched the Capital Market segment on November 3, 1994 we continue to expand the range of products and services that we offer.

The products on the Exchange are organized into 3 asset classes for trading:  Capital market for the listing and trading of equities, fixed income securities and the derivatives market. 

Equity and equity-linked products available for trading in the cash market include stocks, IDRs, ETFs (including those benchmarked the NIFTY indices) and units of closed-ended mutual fund schemes, as well as a segment devoted to the growth of the SME's listed on EMERGE. 

Under the Derivatives segment, NSE offers derivative contracts on Equity, Indices, Currency, Interest Rates and Commodities.

The fixed income securities and Debt products include Negotiated Trade Reporting in Government securities, Corporate Bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds and other debt securities traded on multiple platforms 

Our Products

Updated on: 06/01/2023