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NSE Trading Technology

NSE has a pan-India, high-speed network, which supported more than 181,524 terminals as of September 30, 2016.

Our trading platforms:

NEAT is a screen-based trading system. NSE also offers “NEAT Plus” package that provides members trading in multiple markets on the exchange with a unified trading interface. NSE’s scalability allows it to add additional hardware “on-demand” to support higher trading volumes and hence maintain a high uptime record and low-latency level for trade orders from terminals. NSE conducts periodic testing and capacity enhancements as the number of NEAT users and trading loads increase. Trading data on NEAT is released almost instantaneously to all trading members on NEAT.

NSE offers customizable trading platforms suited to the requirements of individual trading members. Non-NEAT front-ends are through computer-to-computer link, or CTCL, scheme. CTCL permits members to use their own trading software and hardware for trading on the exchange. Examples of customizable features that are available through Non-NEAT front-ends include online trade analysis, additional risk management tools and integrated back-office operations. Non-NEAT front-ends also facilitate internet-based trading, direct market access, algorithmic trading, security trading through wireless technology and smart order routing.

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For institutional clients and other sophisticated traders, NSE provides support for algorithmic trading through our co-location facilities, consisting of rented rack space for servers inside the exchange premises.

NSE also permits third-party vendors to sublease co-located facilities from trading members to provide a wider class of investors with access to co-location services. Our IT service management system provides co-location hosting services for high-frequency trading and conforms to the IT Service Management System Standard ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018.

EMERGE and EMERGE-ITP. Two platforms for the listing and trading of SME stocks.

MFSS and NMF II. MFSS is the mutual fund order collection system and NMF-II is a web-based mutual fund trading platform.

NSE has a multi-tiered risk management system, which is constantly upgraded to pre-empt market failures. Risk containment measures at NSE include capital adequacy requirements for members, monitoring member performance and track record, stringent margin requirements, online monitoring of member positions and automatic disablement from trading when limits are breached.

Type/Segment Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
Switch over of trading systems of any segment(s)(CM, FO & CD) Below 40 minutes* Less than 10 Minutes
All Exchange Operations to DR 4 Hours Less than 10 Minutes

*from the time of DR invocation.
Last updated Date: 16th April, 2019

Updated on: 10/01/2023