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Market Surveillance Overview

Surveillance Actions 


Guidelines for Trading Members

FAQ for Consolidated Penalty Structure.pdf

Consolidated list of Surveillance indicators (.xlsx)

REG_INDDDMMYY File Structure


Surveillance Dashboard

In order to facilitate effective surveillance mechanism at the Member level, the Exchange has introduced the Surveillance Dashboard. It aims to provide information about alerts on orders and trades which are abnormal in nature.  Information on Dashboard  Surveillance dashboard is mainly divided into 4 parts:

  1. Information Dashboard 
  2. Alert / Monitoring Dashboard 
  3. Exchange communication 
  4. Transactional escalation from TM to the Exchange

Download Member Surveillance Dashboard FAQs (.pdf)

Member Surveillance Dashboard FAQs:

Member surveillance dashboard aims to provide information to the compliance/risk officer about trades and alerts which are abnormal in nature.

Member can access Member surveillance dashboard using link:


User id and password is shared in extranet path:

<Member folder>/Investigation/Dnld

Member is required to send an email on survit_msd@nse.co.in & surv_msd@nse.co.in along with the necessary fields as mentioned in circular.

For change in email id, member is requested to send mail on survit_msd@nse.co.in along with the requisite fields mentioned in the circular, member can choose to enter individual or group email id. Further member can configure only 1 email id.

Members are requested to validate their login within 30 Days of the original circular post which member login will be deactivated and member will have to request for new member login (procedure mentioned in circular).

Members shall refer Annexure 1 attached along with the circular else a manual is attached on the login page itself.

Member is expected to reply on T day basis, in case of alert which requires detailed analysis member can keep the alert in under-watch which is upto 15 days.

This section provides member to escalate client’s transaction to exchange on which the member has observed & acted.

Members are expected to update their views on the market movements, reason for volatility in the market or any other market intelligence.

Updated on: 09/02/2024