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Hyperlinking Policy

NSE Website lists content about NSE and its group companies. It may also list hyperlinks of third party websites under specific agreements/arrangements and terms of use that govern the usage between NSE and such third party(ies).  

Links to websites are provided in the NSE Website solely for the convenience of users.

When we talk about “you” “third party” “party” we are referring to the third party(ies) hyperlinking their website(s) on the NSE Website.

This policy is meant to provide terms/conditions/specification for hyperlinking third party website(s) on NSE Website. 

Links to NSE Website

  • Usage of the NSE Website is governed by its Policy which includes Copyright and Terms of Use as given on its Site.
  • You may make available your website(s) link on NSE Website only upon a prior consent from NSE.
  • NSE Website’s content changes from time to time and the links provided to our site may become inoperative. It shall solely be your responsibility to ensure that the hyperlink of your website on NSE’s Website is operative and functional.
  • NSE is the owner of copyright in all information featured on this website and no portion of the information on NSE Website may be reproduced on or transmitted to or stored in any other website or in other form of electronic retrieval system or in any other form or by any other means in any manner whatsoever except upon a prior consent from NSE.
  • Contents of the hyperlinked website may be accessed upon successful linking  to NSE Website.
  •  Data sourced from the NSE Website must clearly be attributed to NSE.
  • You may write to NSE at nsewebmaster@nse.co.in for seeking permission for providing links to your website on NSE Website.


  • NSE is not responsible for the contents and reliability of such linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the views/contents expressed therein.
  • Mere presence of any such link or its listing on NSE Website should not be assumed as an endorsement of such website by NSE in any manner whatsoever..
  • NSE does not guarantee that such links will work at any/all time and NSE does not have any control over availability of such linked pages.
  • NSE reserves the right to refuse to include any link or to terminate/remove any existing link on NSE Website, without providing any notice to the party in case NSE finds any content, wording, graphics or the like to be obscene, hurtful to the sentiments of the masses, objectionable/disparaging to NSE or illegal in any manner or for any other reason whatsoever at any time.

NSE may replace broken links to such sites if requested by the party, but NSE does not guarantee that such links will work at any/all times and NSE has no control over the availability and accuracy of such linked pages.

Updated on: 30/06/2020