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Bootcamp-Data Analytics

Bootcamp-Data Analytics

5 Days

No Expiry Date


For more information, please Contact: 
Session Coordinator - +91 8879918720
Email id: gokulnathhr@nse.co.in

NSE Academy Data Analytics Bootcamp is a five-day online immersion experience on the disruptive data science technologies. You will engage in a hands-on project of Analyzing a Data Set using Data Wrangling, Visualization and Predictive Analytics and gain insights for real-world applications as you progress through the project milestones.



  • Structured and Unstructured Data
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistical Analysis
  • Predictive Models
  • Forecasting Data Trends

Project: Analyse a Data Set using Data Wrangling, Visualization and Predictive Analysis, and present your findings

Get mentored by successful Tech Leaders with rich professional experience of leading technological innovations in diverse sectors.


Project Milestones:

Day 1

  • Explain the data analytics process
  • Distinguish between structured and unstructured data


Day 2

  • Clean a dataset
  • Create basic visualizations to identify trends and outliers


Day 3

  • Perform descriptive and inferential statistical analysis to interpret data sets


Day 4

  • Build a simple predictive model using a machine learning algorithm to forecast data trends


Day 5 

  • Present findings, interpretations and trends identified through the data analytics project
  • Tableau Public
  • Google Analytics
  • Apache Spark
  • R Studio
  • Desktop or Laptop must for Projects.
  • No Specific OS/Hardware requirements, however we recommend computers with 3rd-gen processors or higher, for best learning experience.
  • The mentorship will be on video conferencing platforms (like Zoom), and can be joined from smartphones.
Updated on: 10/06/2024