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Certificate Program in Financial Modelling using Excel, R & Python

Certificate Program in Financial Modelling using Excel, R & Python

1 Month No Expiry Date Online

Counsellor details:

Madhur: +91 8591262151 

Gajendra: +91 8454881917

Email ID : programinfo@nse.co.in

Certificate Program in Financial Modelling is a program for aspiring finance executives, enthusiasts, working professionals & students to provide them practical exposure to Financial Modelling, it will help them to understand and build business valuation models. The course has been designed in a way to provide & ensure that conceptual knowledge is imparted with the perfect blend of industry practices.

The curriculum emphasizes the development of strong financial knowledge, and execution abilities. Financial modeling skills are essential for anyone pursuing a career in finance. Financial models process information to help users make better investment and business decisions.

You will explore best practices alongside the instructor(s) from IIM Sirmaur. Upon completion, you will be ready to tackle complex modeling cases in practice.

  • Explore financial modeling best practices, optimal model design and flow, and financial statements.
  • Solve the most common financial modeling problems.
  • Perform scenario and sensitivity analyses to enhance the robustness of the financial model.
  • Build a working, presentation-ready financial model in Excel, R/Python.
  • Forward-looking Curriculum

Participants will learn the elements of model building, financial statement preparation, working capital management, modeling using excel, r/python.

  • Pedagogy

A highly engaging mix of learning methodologies such as self-paced introductory modules, live lectures and simulations that will help you accelerate your learning journey.

  • Peer Learning and Networking

Participants will get an opportunity to meet and interact with peers as part of this program. Network and build meaningful relationships by sharing your experiences.

  • Prestigious Certificate form IIM

Joint Certificate of Completion from IIM Sirmaur and NSE Academy on fulfilling the certification criteria.

Introduction Module – Self Paced

  • Introduction to Programming in R
  • Introduction to Programming in Python

Financial Modelling

  • Model building
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Working capital management
  • NPV and IRR
  • XIRR and MIRR functions
  • Computation of WACC using CAPM approach
  • Computation of FCFF and FCFE
Updated on: 08/11/2023