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DeakinCo.'s - Think Like A CEO Bootcamp

03 Days LifeTime Offline

For more information, please Contact:
Email ID:  programinfo@nse.co.in 
Mobile: +91 9811243210


An experiential program to elevate divisional leaders' thinking Hands-on bootcamp for Senior Management Professionals & Business Leaders.

Workshop 1: Strategic Thinking

  •  Being strategic and forward-looking thinking, taking a long-term view
  •  Agility in strategic decision making
  •  Analysis of the business environment for new opportunities, risk analysis
  •  Strategic resource allocation
  •  Building strategic partnerships with the market


Workshop 2: Leading Your People

  •  Managing and developing self, teams & resources
  •  Ownership, accountability, delegation and collaboration
  •  Influencing without positional authority
  •  Persuasion, negotiation and conflict management
  •  Emotional intelligence


Workshop 3: Managing Complexity, Ambiguity And Change

  •  Customers in a VUCA world
  •  Vision, innovation and creative thinking
  •  Adaptability and entrepreneurship
  •  Removing organisational and strategic level barriers
  •  Actions to mobilise stakeholders to respond to strategic opportunities


Workshop 4: Innovation And Digital Mindsets

  •  Leveraging digital technologies to improve outcomes
  •  Evaluating and identifying reliable and valid sources of digital information for strategic and operational purposes
  •  Identifying and shaping innovation within your organisation
  •  Working with stakeholders to identify innovations


Workshop 5: Bringing It All Together

  • Review of the four key themes 
  • Contextualising these themes from a 'whole of organisation' perspective (i.e. from the view of a CEO)
  • Gain leadership and strategic capabilities to better understand and operate within a whole-of-organisation context.
  • Envision an organisation’s holistic operating environment and plan for a business unit to deliver for the organisation’s outcomes.
  • Present solutions to an identified challenge or way forward for a organisation to senior executive and Board-level forums.

Program will help senior functional or technical managers make the transition to a higher role.
The learning journey is specifically designed for participants with:

  • An agenda for change
  • Accomplished professionals in functional, technical or business roles
  • Mid-to senior level executives who are or soon will be leading a business or major project or large teams


Updated on: 04/11/2023