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Grant Thornton -Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Program

04 Months - Virtual Interactive Session

For more information, please Contact:
Mr. Shivkant Singhal : shivkants@nse.co.in / 9319693500

The value of analyzing Data is significant across all functions of a business. Yet most fail to utilize its true potential. For some, the challenge is the sheer volume of data while for others it is identifying how to derive actionable insights from it. The program is developed by NSE Academy & Grant Thornton to equip professionals with the sought-after skill set to overcome the challenges of analyzing large data sets and deciphering meaningful business insights.

  • Begins with foundational topics like basic & advance Statistics and MS Excel before moving to the advanced modules on Python, Big Data & SQL etc.
  • Training methodologies and use cases ensure that the training output is efficient and produces relevant insights.

The program begins with self-paced Foundation Courses on Advanced MS Excel & Problem-Solving Methodologies to build foundation for the Core Modules Python, Big Data & SQL etc. Participants will access course material through the NSE Knowledge Hub platform.


  1. Foundation Courses: Advance Excel (includes MS 365)
  2. Foundation Courses: Problem Solving Methodologies
  3. Foundation Courses: Data Analytics using R
  4. Core Module 1. Statistics using MS Excel
  5. Core Module 2. SQL
  6. Core Module 3. Big Data Essentials
  7. Core Module 4. Data Visualization using Tableau & Power BI
  8. Core Module 5. Data Analysis using Python
  9. Core Module 6. Machine Learning
  • Get hands-on with the most in-demand data analytics and visualization tools.
  • Receive Personalized Support from your Program Manager, during and after sessions.
  • Attend live sessions and access session recordings for 2 years, anytime, anywhere.
  • Get Certified by two global leading industry bodies - NSE Academy and GT Academy
  • The program includes courses from Deakin CO, Deakin University (Australia), and Grant Thornton Bharat
  • Early-to Mid-Career Professionals looking to transition to a data analytics role.
  • Tech professionals looking to transition to a Managerial role to effectively manage ML & AI projects.
  • Consultants who are looking to build their expertise in Data Science, ML & AI for better client management.
  • Business Heads want to leverage the power of Data Analytics tools to make data-based business decisions.
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to learn data analysis for better business performance.
  • Recent Graduates & Final Year Students aspiring for a career in Business Analytics
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Upskill for Better Pay-Scale
  • Industry Aligned Curriculum
  • Experiential Learning
  • NSE Knowledge Hub
  • Comfort of Weekend Batches
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