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Grant Thornton Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation

02 Months - Interactive Virtual Sessions

For more information, please Contact:
Mr. Shivkant Singhal : shivkants@nse.co.in /9319693500

This program offers several benefits to those who are pursuing career opportunities in this field. Organizations are investing in people & technology as they become vulnerable to fraudulent activities and a variety of frauds.

  • Learn from Grant Thornton & industry practitioners of Forensic and Investigation Services
  • Become an industry-ready professional by learning from real-life case studies, digital tools, and applications
  • Program tailored for working professionals and students. Learn at your convenience in comfortable weekend batches
  • Learn how important it is for an organization to take the services of a forensic practitioner to avoid fraud
  • Gain a global outlook with the knowledge of international laws and frameworks against fraud facilitated by an industry-relevant curriculum
  • Experience a systematic learning journey covering fundamental to advanced concepts seamlessly
  • Access to Course material and session recordings on the NSE Knowledge Hub Platform for a period of two years
  • Introduction to fraud
  • Fundamentals of Forensics
  • Accounting Concepts (Module 1)
  • Accounting Concepts (Module 2)
  • Types of Fraud Schemes
  • Investigation Techniques
  • Fraud Prevention and Deterrence
  • Fraud Laws in India
  • International Incentives Against Fraud
  • Understand the mechanics of forensic accounting to avert, detect, investigate, & report financial fraud
  • Identify types of frauds & methods used by fraudsters to conceal their crimes
  • Analyze different types of tools & mechanisms involved in detecting fraud
  • Understand Indian laws and legislation for combating fraud
  • Understand the scope of forensic audit from a global perspective
  • Understand early warning signals to detect fraud timely
  • Practice different digital tools for data analysis & data recovery
  • Prepare forensic accounting reports from financial findings
  • Finance & Accounting Professionals
  • Banking professionals & Consultants
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • Company Secretaries
  • NBFC Professional
  • Founders & Entrepreneurs
  • Students pursuing UG/ PG in Commerce, management & business

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation delivers application-oriented knowledge on fraud detection, prevention, and deterrence. Understand the applicability of fraud laws in India and international incentives against fraud. The program overall offers real-world practicality that suits a wide range of audiences from beginners to mid-career professionals in the BFSI Sector.

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