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New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) Certified-Global Investment Strategy Essentials (GISE)

Total Duration Modules Certificate Validity Course Type
63 Hours 10 Lifetime Recorded

For more information, please contact: 

Rohita: +91-9560411183

Pratiksha: +91-8655647412

Email id: pratikshak@nse.co.in


Global Investment Strategy Essentials (GISE) is a curated learning track to deliver a thorough understanding and practical application in Global Capital Markets, related investment Instruments, and strategies for Portfolio Management.

·         Short Modules to deliver impactful learning

·         Summaries and exercises for each course to help you consolidate knowledge


Price: INR 1,00,890 INR 17,999

(Inclusive of GST)



1.       Global Capital Markets

·         The major capital markets

·         Introduction to Money Markets

·         Introduction to Foreign Exchange

·         Introduction to Derivatives

·         Time Value of Money

2.        Mutual Funds

·         Understanding mutual funds

·         Introduction to various mutual fund products

·         Selecting the right mutual fund

·         Operation of a mutual fund company

·         Trends in the mutual fund industry

3.        Fixed Income Securities

·         Bonds and their features

·         The fixed-income marketplace

·         The fixed income regulatory environment.

·         Overview of the treasury yield curve

·         Factors Affecting the treasury yield curve

·         Introduction to the dynamic nature of the yield curve

·         Role of the treasury yield curve as a Benchmarking and forecasting tool

4. Equity Markets

·         Common stock

·         Preferred stocks

·         Equity-linked issues

·         Indexes

5.  Financial Derivatives

·         Basics of forwards and Futures

·         Introduction to Options

·         Trading Derivatives

·         Introduction to Swaps

6.       Options Markets

·         Options terminology

·         Fundamentals of options products

·         Option combination strategies

·         Factors that impact an option’s value

·         Pricing options

·         Option sensitivities

7.        Hedge Funds

·         Hedge fund Overview

·         Hedge Funds Investment Strategies

·         Analysing Hedge Funds

·         Hedge Funds Industry Infrastructure

·         Hedge Funds Industry Trends and Challenges (Issues)

8.       Asset-Backed Securities

·         Introduction to asset-backed securities

·         Structure and rating of asset-backed securities

·         Major sectors of the asset-backed securities market

·         Pricing and trading of asset-backed securities

·         The future of the asset-backed securities market

9 Fixed Income Portfolio Investment Strategies

·         Review of Fixed Income Products

·         Passive Fixed Income Portfolio Strategies

·         Active Fixed Income Portfolio Strategies

10. Equity Portfolio Investment Strategies

·         Review of Equity Valuation Techniques- Importance and Quality of Earnings

·         Equity Strategies

  • Apply Global Active & Passive Investment Strategies
  • Understand Global Futures & Forwards, Options, and Swaps
  • Use Treasury Yield Curve as a Benchmarking and Forecasting Tool
  • Learn Global Hedge Fund Investment Strategies

·         Independent Financial Management - Well-informed end investors who wish to become independent by managing their finances

·         Investment Management - Investment Advisors, Financial Planners, and Wealth Managers advising HNIs and business families

·         Sales and Trading (Sell Side) – Sales & Trading Professionals

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