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Empanelled Vendors

The Exchange provides a facility to software vendors providing software used in trading and risk management including software used for Computer-to-Computer Link (CTCL), Internet Based Trading (IBT), Direct Market Access (DMA), Securities Trading using Wireless Technology (STWT), Smart Order Routing (SOR), Algorithmic Trading (AT), etc. to trading members of the Exchange, to be empanelled with the Exchange.

Vendors/ASP desirous of being empanelled with the Exchange shall be evaluated on the basis of various parameters inter alia including background, infrastructure, systems etc.

Vendors/ASP desirous of being empanelled with the Exchange can refer to the master circular download no NSE/MSD/57331 dated June 28, 2023 and updated from time to time.

Download List of vendors empanelled with NSE (.zip)

Download List of ASP empanelled with NSE (.zip)

Updated on: 29/05/2024