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Subscribe to SMS Alerts

A facility wherein information in respect of some of the activities can be received by members through SMS is provided to members.

The salient features of the new SMS Alert facility are as mentioned below:

  • Members can avail this facility in order to receive instant updates by way of SMS in respect of certain activities / information.
    List of various alert messages which can be subscribed.
    Functionality Message Type Segments
    Risk Early Pay-in of funds / securities CM
    Risk Release of Margins CDS, CM
    Collaterals Addition of Collaterals in the form of Cash CM, FNO & CDS
    Collaterals Status of Release of Collaterals CM, FNO & CDS
    Collaterals Maturity of Security deposit instruments CM, FNO & CDS
    Funds Funds Pay-in for next working day FNO & CDS
    Risk Payment of Capital Cushion requirement CM & FNO
    Risk Client Margin Reporting FNO & CDS
    Risk Penalty on client limit violation FNO
    Risk End of Day Margin Requirement CM, FNO & CDS
    Risk Letters for Early Pay-in / Additional Margin / Capital Cushion CM & FNO
    Risk Withdrawal of trading facility CM, FNO & CDS
    Risk Enablement of trading facility CM, FNO & CDS
    Risk Pending Confirmation FNO & CDS
  • Members can access the SMS application through a link on the Collateral Interface for Members (CIM).

  • Members can register multiple mobile numbers (Maximum 5 numbers per member) for receiving SMS by registering multiple users with a flexibility to modify or deregister users.
  • Members have the flexibility to subscribe to or unsubscribe any message alerts.
  • Subscription to multiple message alerts for single mobile number or subscription to single message alert by multiple mobile numbers is also permitted.
  • Members can replicate the subscriptions done for one user to another user.

This alert facility is only an additional facility provided to the members for receiving the Alert / Information. The members shall verify the information received by way of alert and not rely solely on such Alerts / Information for any purpose. NSE Clearing shall not be liable for any delay or any other interruption which may occur due to any reason including network (Internet) reasons or snags in the system, break down of the system or any other equipment, server breakdown, maintenance shut down, breakdown of communication services or inability of NSE Clearing to send the Alert / Information. Irrespective of whether the member has received the Alert / Information or not, the member shall be required to adhere to all the Rules, Byelaws and Regulations and Circulars and all other requirements laid down by NSE Clearing from time to time.

Members are requested to ensure that the mobile numbers of only the concerned officials are registered and updated on regular basis in order to prevent the messages from being sent to unconcerned people.

Further, members are also requested to note that the alert messages may not be received if the mobile numbers registered have opted for the ‘Do not Disturb’ or such other restrictive options provided by various service providers.

Updated on: 03/01/2023