26-Apr-2024 | 83.3250

24-Apr-2024 16:59

Lac Crs 398.10 | Tn $ 4.78


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Membership Process

Membership Process flowchart

  1. Incorporate a company in GIFT SEZ
  2. Submit application to GIFT SEZ-IFSC & obtain approval from Development Commissioner
  3. Submission of application to NSE IFSC / NSE IFSC CC
  4. Grant of NSE IFSC Exchange/CC offer letter subject to SEBI Approval
  5. Onward submission by NSE IFSC to SEBI for registration
  6. Grant of SEBI Approval
  7. Forward SEBI certificate to member
  8. Submit enablement documents
  9. Member enabled on the Trading system

Note : For already SEBI registered IFSC member, Membership would be granted by the NSE IFSC Exchange/ NSE IFSC CC.

Updated on: 03/01/2023