29-Jul-2024 | 83.6150

16-Jul-2024 12:46

Lac Crs 451.41 | Tn $ 5.4


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Total Promoter Holding Promoter shares Encumbered as of last quarter No. of shares pledged in the depository system
Name of Company Total no. of issued shares A+B+C No. of shares (A) % A/(A+B+C) Total Public Holding (B) No. of shares (X) % of Promoter shares (X/A) % of total shares [X/(A+B+C)] Values(Rs.Cr.)=No. of shares encumbered [X] * Last available closing price of the scrip Disclosure made by Promoters No. of shares pledged Total no. of demat shares (%) Pledge/ Demat Values (Rs.Cr.)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7


  • A-Promoter Holding, B-Public Holding, C-Shares held by Custodian Against Depository Receipts (DRs)
  • Data Source - NSDL & CDSL , updated Daily (Column 7)
  • Columns 2 to 5 (Listing Agreement Filing), Column 6 (SEBI Regulation 31 Filing)