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FAQs on SMS & Email based trade alerts facility for Investors

In a move to check unauthorized stock market trades through investor accounts, NSE sends SMS/Email alerts to retail investors for their transactions on days they have traded.

  •  Facility is absolutely FREE of cost
  •  Alerts are sent after end of market hours
  •  Facility is provided for trades done on NSE only
  •  Facility covers Cash Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives & Debt segment
  •  Alerts are provided only on days when investor trades on NSE

Investors should ensure that they share their email/mobile number (Indian Mobile number only) with their Stock broker. They should further verify that their stock broker has updated the same on NSE records. Whenever there is a change in the mobile/email of investors, they should contact their stock broker for updating the latest information in NSE’s records.

The trade alerts facility gets activated once the Stock broker updates an investor’s mobile number/email ID on NSE’s records. Investors initially receive a welcome SMS/Email on the registered mobile number/email id. The investor will start receiving trade alerts after 7 working days from the date on which the investor has received the welcome SMS/Email.

SMS: Segment wise total traded value is provided consolidated on the basis of combination of PAN and mobile number.
Email: Detailed transactional information containing the price and quantity bought and/or sold is provided. The trade data is consolidated in PDF files on the basis of PAN and sent together to the email id.

It has been observed that certain families provide a single mobile / email for all accounts of the family. Assuming such a case of 3 family members (3 PANs) who have traded as given below, but have provided the same mobile number and email id:

Segment PAN Mobile Email Value Traded
CM AAAAA1111A 9999999999 100
CM BBBBB2222B 9999999999 100
CM CCCCC3333C 9999999999 100
F&O AAAAA1111A 9999999999 200

The SMS / Email will be sent to the above provided single mobile & email as follows:

  • 3 SMS (1 per PAN) will be sent on 9999999999 in the below combination:
Segment PAN Mobile Value Traded No of SMS
CM AAAAA1111A 9999999999 100 SMS 1
F&O AAAAA1111A 9999999999 200
CM BBBBB2222B 9999999999 100 SMS 2
CM CCCCC3333C 9999999999 100 SMS 3
  • 3 emails (1 per PAN) will be sent to with a PDF attachment for PAN wise trades.

Investor will receive Email which contains PDF attachment of trading transaction. Please follow the procedure given below for opening the attachment:

  • Click on the attachment provided with the mail
  • You will be prompted for your password.
  • The password is your PAN number in upper case (CAPITAL letters).
  • Please check the first 3 letters of PAN provided in the mail attachment, to avoid mistakes

An investor may receive a welcome message by mistake if another investor/stock broker has mistakenly updated incorrect email/mobile number in NSE’s records. To handle such situations, the welcome email/SMS has a facility to indicate the mistake. In case of email, a deactivation link is provided to be clicked by the investor and in case of SMS, investor can reply back through SMS.

When an investor clicks on the deactivation link, the facility for SMS and email alerts gets deactivated. If the investor has done this by mistake, then he needs to send a request for reactivation of this facility along with his details viz. PAN, registered mobile number and email id to

In such cases investors should immediately take up the matter with their stock broker for clarification. If the investor is not satisfied with the explanation, they can take up the matter with NSE’s Investor Services Cell (ISC) by contacting 022-26754312 / 1800220058 or

As directed by SEBI, NSE will mandatorily send SMS/Email alerts after end of trading hours to all the retail clients who have traded that day and whose mobile number and/or email address has been updated by the trading members on NSE’s records.

An investor may not receive trade alerts due to the following reasons:

  • He/She has not traded on NSE that day
  • He/She has not provided mobile number/email id to stock broker
  • The Stock broker has not updated NSE’s records with correct mobile number/email id
  • Investor’s mobile/email has been updated less than 7 working days ago
  • The email box is full at investors end
  • Investor’s mobile is out of coverage area when attempts are being made to deliver SMS
    If all the above possibilities of failure have been verified and still investor has not received alerts; kindly email us on with your registered Email ID, mobile number and PAN number mentioning your exact query.
Updated on: 05/12/2019
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