23-Feb-2024 | 82.9800

20-Feb-2024 17:00

Lac Crs 388.21 | Tn $ 4.68


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Products & Services

NCFM offers a comprehensive range of modules covering many different areas in finance. NCFM currently tests expertise in the modules

In addition to the above basic NCFM program, NSE Academy offers programs in collaboration with Kredent Academy, Trading Campus, E-learn markets and others.  The benefit of these courses is their medium of delivery and content structure.  The courses are divided as follows

  1. Interactive / Online courses
  2. Recorded Courses
  3. Class Room Courses

NSE Academy also imparts higher education through its Flagship International program “Global Applied Financial Analyst” (GAFA) which is a self-paced study course that provides undergraduate students a chance to achieve their dream of making a career in finance possible.

Updated on: 03/01/2023