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NSE CSR Vision

NSE Group has been constantly working to improve the financial wellbeing of people at large through a committed approach to offer investment products that suits varied needs of people. It has improved access to financial markets for people across the country by introducing transparent and efficient systems, improved safety measures for investors, empowering investors through awareness and education on financial planning, investor protection and investment related issues. Besides this, NSE Group has continuously endeavoured to integrate sustainable and responsible business practices through environment friendly measures such as recycling of waste, reducing paper, water and energy conservation, use of renewable sources of energy, eco-friendly infrastructure, gender diversity and inclusive workplace policies, etc. NSE Group further understands that the economic and social wellbeing of the community is closely interlinked to their habitats and environment. NSE therefore strives to integrate triangulated focus to improve the quality of life of its identified beneficiaries towards creating inclusive societies, while meeting its social, economic and environmental responsibilities.

The key focus sectors identified by NSE Group for social intervention and impact target the triply disadvantaged and underprivileged sections of our population. The key change and impact indicators in every programme strive to align with the nation’s social development goals and the larger global sustainable development goals.

Sustainable development Goals-NSE CSR

Updated on: 05/01/2023