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Internet Trading

The Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) approved the report on Internet Trading brought out by the SEBI Committee on Internet Based Trading and Services. Internet trading can take place through order routing systems, which will route client orders to exchange trading systems for execution. Thus a client sitting in any part of the country would now be able to trade using the Internet as a medium through brokers' Internet trading systems.

SEBI-registered brokers can introduce Internet based trading after obtaining permission from respective Stock Exchanges. SEBI has stipulated the minimum conditions to be fulfilled by trading members to start Internet based trading and services, vide their circular no.SMDRP/POLICY/CIR-06/2000 dated January 31, 2000.

Download Members who have been granted permission for Internet trading (.zip)

Click here to view Internet Trading Statistics.

NSE became the first exchange to grant approval to its members for providing Internet based trading services. In line with SEBI directives, NSE has issued circulars detailing the requirements and procedures to be complied with by members desirous of providing Internet based trading and services. Members may please refer to circular no.NSE/F&O/0005/2000 dated August 24, 2000 (Download No.NSE/F&O/1877) and circular no.NSE/F&O/0018/2001 dated August 17, 2001 (Download No.NSE/F&O/2788).

Members can procure the Internet trading software from software vendors who are empanelled with NSE or they may develop the software through their own in-house development team or may procure the software from other non-empanelled vendors.

Members can also avail of services provided by Application Service Providers (which may inter-alia include providing / maintaining software / hardware / other infrastructure etc.) for providing Internet based trading services subject to the Application Service Provider (ASP) being empanelled with the Exchange for providing such services.

Vendors desirous of being empanelled with the Exchange for providing Internet trading solutions to the trading members of the Exchange can refer to circular no.NSE/CMO/0029/2000 dated December 19, 2000 (Download no.NSE/CMT/2174) and circular no.NSE/CMO/0039/2001 dated December 14, 2001 (Download No.NSE/CMTR/3054) detailing the requirements and procedures to be complied with by vendors for empanelment.

Click here for the list of vendors empanelled with NSE

The Exchange has issued circular no. NSE/CMO/0028/2000 dated December 18, 2000 (Download No.NSE/CMT/2169) detailing the formalities / requirements for members desirous of using ASPs for providing Internet based trading services as well as formalities / requirements for ASPs desirous of being empanelled with the Exchange for providing such services to trading members of NSE.

Updated on: 04/01/2023