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About Emerge ITP Platform

ITP is a credible platform for start-ups and growing companies to list and showcase their performance to their lenders and potential investors, with or without an IPO (Initial Public Offer). India has witnessed a growing start-up ecosystem fuelled by a large entrepreneurial community. Many entrepreneurs are building excellent businesses but do not have access to the funding they need.

EMERGE’s Institutional Trading Platform is for Start-Ups and Small and Medium Enterprises which do not have their securities listed on any recognised stock exchange and which seek listing of their specified securities exclusively on the institutional trading platform for informed investors.

Simultaneously there is a growing Angel and Venture Capital Industry providing much needed equity capital to these businesses, but they do not have access to diverse early stage opportunities. Further, as these investments mature, it becomes essential for the initial investors to exit and look for new opportunities, and new investors to step in and fuel the next phase of growth. emerge_itp will facilitate churn in the investment portfolios and create a more active market for channelizing funds to start-ups and small companies.

Updated on: 03/01/2023