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Details of Vigilance Mechanism

  1. Scope
    The Policy focuses on concerns which fall into the wider interest of the Company and / or public interest. The Whistle Blower’s role is that of a reporting party with reliable information. They are not required or expected to act as investigators or finders of facts, nor would they determine the appropriate corrective or remedial action that may be warranted in a given case.
    Extract of the same is given below.
  2. Procedure
    A Whistle Blower can raise a concern by way of following means:
    1. Sending an email addressed to (
    2. Sending a  letter in a  sealed envelope marked confidential to the below mentioned address and should be addressed to the Ethics Counselor (i.e. Group Head, HR) or The Chief Regulatory Officer. The letter can either be typed or written in a legible handwriting preferably in English.

      Ethics Counselor or the Chief Regulatory Officer,
      National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) Exchange Plaza,
      Bandra Kurla Complex,
      Bandra East, Mumbai – 400051

      In cases where there is a potential victimization or threat to the Whistle Blower), the Whistle Blower can directly make a Protected Disclosure to the Chairman of the Regulatory Oversight Committee of NSEIL, by writing at in case of an Employee and to the Managing Director (“MD”) in case the complaint is against the Company.

  3. Protection and Investigation
    Protection to the Whistle Blower is ensured under this policy.
    All Whistle Blower Complaints reported under the Policy will be thoroughly investigated by the relevant authority of the Company.
    The investigation findings shall be placed before the appropriate regulatory committee for further action, as may be advised by the committee.

Download Whistle Blower Policy of National Stock Exchange of India Limited (.pdf)

Updated on: 31/05/2021
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