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Migration to the Mainboard

An issuer that has listed its specified securities on a recognised stock exchange may at its option migrate to the main board of that recognised stock exchange as per the following criteria subject to compliance with the eligibility requirements of the stock exchange

  1. The company should have been listed on the IGP for a minimum period of one year;
  2. At the time of making the application for trading under regular category of main board, the number of shareholders should be minimum 200;
  3. The company should have profitability/ net worth track record of 3 years or have 75% of its capital as on the date of application for migration held by Qualified Institutional Buyers in accordance with Regulation 6(1) and 6(2) of the ICDR Regulations for main board listings
  4. Minimum promoters contribution shall be 20% which shall be locked in for 3 years. Period of earlier lock-in of 6 months served at the time of listing on IGP shall be deducted from the stipulated lock-in requirement of 3 years.

Click here for further details on the migration criteria to the mainboard (.pdf)

Updated on: 03/01/2023