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Reporting System

The Negotiated Trade Reporting Platform is a web-based application. Trading members login into this platform and report their negotiated deals done in debt securities. Orders are entered by a trading member and the same is confirmed by the counter party member if all parameters are accurate. The deals can then be confirmed at the exchange. Facility to modify / cancel trades is provided on the platform.

The Negotiated Trade Reporting Platform is seamlessly integrated with CBRICS � the Corporate Bond Reporting Platform. This ensures that the trade data flows into the settlement system for corporate bond deals. Reports and downloads are provided to members in their respective logins.

The Negotiated Trade Reporting Platform recognises two types of users - Admin and User. .

The user-id of a trader gives access for entering orders or trades on the trading system. The Admin can create member users who will be enabled to enter / modify / cancel deals. .

The trades on the Negotiated Trade Reporting Platform can be executed in the Negotiated market. In the negotiated market deals are negotiated outside the exchange between the two counter parties and are reported on the system for approval.

Security Descriptor refers to the unique identification of the subject matter of the trade and is divided into four parts. All orders are matched on the basis of descriptors. It consists of following components: Security Type, Security, Issue and Settlement.

The value of the order/trade is indicated in "Rs. Lakhs" in the reporting platform. All orders are required to comply with the minimum order size and multiple size as specified by the Exchange. These requirements depend on the type of security, for e.g. all orders for securities issued by the Central Govt. should be for a minimum of Rs.0.01 lakhs or multiples thereof. .

Updated on: 04/01/2023