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Trader Workstation

The trader workstation is the terminal from which the member accesses the borrow and lending system. Each member has a unique identification by way of Participant ID and User ID through which he is able to log on to the system for order entry purposes. A 'participant' can have multiple user IDs allotted to him by which he can have more than one employee using the system concurrently.

The order matching platform features & user navigation for SLBS are described below:-

Setting up Securities in Market Watch
For setting up securities in the Market Watch screen, the user has to press the function key [F4], enter the required details in instrument type, Symbol, Series, Settlement Date and Market Type fields and press [Enter]. The default option displayed in the market type field is ‘N’. Alternatively the user can also set up security in MW from Security List [Shift + F7]

Order Entry – Borrow/ Recall orders can be entered in SLBS using the function keys [F1]. Similarly, Lend/ Repay orders can be entered in SLBS using the function key [F2] and selecting ‘RL’ / ‘SL’ in the Book Type field. Participant can select between Borrow or Recall in case of [F1] and Lend or Repay in case of [F2] by toggle key. 
With respect to orders in the SLBS, Participants may note the following:

Order Type:  Select between Borrow / Recall using the function keys [F1] or Lend / Repay using the function keys [F2]. Participant can select between Borrow or Recall in case of [F1] and Lend or Repay in case of [F2] by toggle key.
Book Type  Select between Regular Lot (RL) or Stop Loss (SL) order
Quantity  Order quantity should be in multiples of Market Lot.
Price  In price field member has to enter fees for securities lending & borrowing. They can enter either market orders or limit price orders. Order price for limit price orders should be in multiples of tick size.
PRO/CLI  Both ‘Proprietary (Pro)’ and ‘Client (Cli)’ orders are allowed.
Time Conditions  User can specify time conditions as ‘Day’ or ‘IOC’.
Participant Code  A valid Custodial Participant Code has to be entered in this field.


Order Cancellation/Modification – Order cancellation and modification is allowed for orders entered in the SLBS. Both interactive and bulk order cancellations are available. In order to cancel an order, a member has to press [Shift+F1] to invoke Order Cancellation screen and select ‘RL’ in the Book Type field. In order to cancel bulk orders, a member has to pres [ SHIFT+F3]

MBP [F6] – User can query order information for the SLBS in MBP by selecting ‘REGULAR LOT’ as book type in the selection screen. Orders are stacked according to price-time priority in MBP. The high, low, last transacted price, percentage change and average transaction price figures are calculated with respect to transactions in SLBS. 

Outstanding Orders [F3] /Activity log [F7]/ Previous Transactions [F8] - Outstanding order/ Activity log/ Previous Transaction information in a particular security can be viewed for SLBS by selecting the book type ‘REGULAR LOT’(in the respective selection screens. 

Order and Trade Confirmation Slips - The member can print order and trade confirmation slips. The slips can be printed online [CTRL+O] or offline [CTRL+F]. The user can print the confirmation slips in tabular or one line format.

On-line Backup – The member can export orders/ trades based on the filtered order/ trade attributes.

Full Message Display – In Full Message Display, messages can be filtered on Symbol and Series & Settlement Date. 

Offline Order Entry – This function is available for SLBS. The structure for the input file is given in the online help.

Branch Order Value Limit – The corporate manager can set limit for branch manager

User Order Value Limit – The branch manager can set limit for associated dealers.

Order Limits - The dealer can set order limit for each order in terms of quantity and value.

Updated on: 03/01/2023