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Order Matching Platform

NSE Clearing provides an automated, screen based, order matching platform to the Participant to execute lending and borrowing transactions. The Participant shall be allowed to put Borrowal / lending orders. Facility is also provided to enter Recall / Repay orders. The orders shall be matched on a price – time priority. The orders placed by the Participant shall be for the lending fee.

The participant has an option to put lend orders; borrow orders, early recall orders and early repayment orders.

Download Securities Available for Borrow / Lending (.csv)

Parameters for Securities Lending & Borrowing Scheme

The parameters for SLBS are as follows:-

SI Feature Value Remarks
1 Market Time 9:15 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. SLBS Segment
2 Market Type N Normal Market
3 Book Type RL Regular Lot
4 Order Type Borrow/Recall
Type of Order
5 Series

For each symbol 12 series are available as follows:
01 - Settlement Date of January
02 - Settlement Date of February
03 - Settlement Date of March
04 - Settlement Date of April
05 - Settlement Date of May
06 - Settlement Date of June
07 - Settlement Date of July
08 - Settlement Date of August
09 - Settlement Date of September
10 - Settlement Date of October
11 - Settlement Date of November
12 - Settlement Date of December
Series RL Auction Market for Reverse Leg in Cash Market
6 Settlement Date Settlement Date of  Reverse Leg applicable for the series  
7 Price Band No price band Operating range - 40%
8 Permitted Lot size 1  
9 Tick Size Rs.0.01  
10 Instrument Type SLBINS  

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