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An Issuer has to take various steps prior to making an application for listing its securities on the NSE. These steps are essential to ensure the compliance of certain requirements by the Issuer before listing its securities on the NSE.

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The various steps to be taken include:

The Issuer shall file the draft prospectus and along with the documents mentioned in the checklist for IPO Vetting. The draft prospectus should have been prepared in accordance with the SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, other statutes, notifications, circulars, etc. governing preparation and issue of prospectus prevailing at the relevant time. The Issuers may particularly bear in mind the provisions of Companies Act, Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, the SEBI Act and the relevant subordinate legislations thereto. NSE will peruse the draft prospectus only from the point of view of checking whether the draft prospectus is in accordance with the listing requirements, and therefore any approval given by NSE in respect of the draft prospectus should not be construed as approval under any laws, rules, notifications, circulars, guidelines etc. The Issuer should also submit the SEBI letter indicating observations on draft prospectus or letter of offer by SEBI.

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Issuers listing pursuant to IPO

Issuers desiring to list on the NSE pursuant to IPO shall make application for admission of their securities to dealings on the NSE in the forms prescribed in this regard as per details given hereunder or in such other form or forms as the Relevant Authority may from time to time prescribe in addition thereto or in modification or substitution thereof.

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Security Deposit

(Payable only for new and fresh issues and only when NSE is the Designated Stock Exchange)

Before opening of the issue the Issuer shall deposit and keep deposited with the NSE (in cases where the securities are offered for subscription, whether through the issue of a prospectus, letter of offer or otherwise, and NSE is the Designated Stock Exchange for the Issuer) an amount calculated at 1% of the amount of securities offered for subscription to the public and or to the holders of existing securities of the Issuer, as the case may be for ensuring compliance by the Issuer within the prescribed or stipulated period of all requirements and conditions hereinafter mentioned and shall be refundable or forfeitable in the manner hereinafter stated:

  • The Issuer shall comply with all prevailing requirements of law including all requirements of and under any notifications, directives and guidelines issued by the Central Government, SEBI or any statutory body and conditions of the NSE and of each recognized Stock Exchange where the Issuer has applied for permission for admission to dealings of the securities, within the prescribed or stipulated period;
  • 50% of the above mentioned security deposit should be paid to the NSE in cash. The balance amount can be provided by way of a bank guarantee, in the format prescribed by or acceptable to NSE. The amount to be paid in cash is limited to Rs.3 crores.
  • If the Issuer has complied with all the aforesaid requirements and conditions including, its obligation under Companies Act, 2013 within the prescribed period, and on obtaining a No Objection Certificate from SEBI and submitting it to NSE , NSE shall refund to the Issuer the said deposit without interest within fifteen days from the expiry of the prescribed period;
  • If on expiry of the prescribed period, the Issuer has not complied with all the aforesaid requirements and conditions, the said deposit shall be forfeited by the NSE, at its discretion, and thereupon the same shall vest in the NSE. Provided the forfeiture shall not release the Issuer of its obligation to comply with the aforesaid requirements and conditions;

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